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Post Posted: Tue, Jan 26 2010, 9:01 pm       Post subject: chicken theme poem
For the use of anyone interested. Here's my poem from last year. My kids were a chicken and duck and my MM was a bird cage filled with egg and chicken themed things.

In this recession when our wallets and “nest eggs” need some luck,
For they’re dwindling in size and could use a couple of “buck, buck, bucks”
See the “sunny-side up” of things, don’t let it ruffle your “feathers”,
Purim’s here to remind us we’re all in this together,

Forget “scrambling” around “like a chicken without a head”
Relax, we’re all “birds of a feather” join in the “eggs”itement instead,
Like years ago, Haman “hatched” a plan to destroy our entire nation,
He ended up being “beaten” and we had cause for celebration,

On this “eggs”traordinarily wonderful day, don’t be “chicken” to let loose,
There’s no need to worry or to hurry, be a “silly goose”,
Before you ”fly the coop” just one more thing we’d like to mention,
The ____ Family wishes you an “eggs”eptionally (Grade A, X-Large) freilichen Purim!
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kermit the frog

Post Posted: Wed, Jan 27 2010, 6:37 pm       Post subject: re: chicken theme poem
Adorable! I was thinking about a chicken theme. what sort of things did you put in?
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Post Posted: Wed, Jan 27 2010, 7:50 pm       Post subject: re: chicken theme poem
I used a nice vodka bottle that matched the bird cage, nice, plastic eggs that weren't Eastery looking with the Haribo sunny side up gummy eggs, sesame sticks and something else, and I bought Easter egg silicone molds and made egg-designed mini cakes. If I could figure out how to embed a picture here, I could show you.
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Post Posted: Wed, Jan 27 2010, 10:01 pm       Post subject: re: chicken theme poem
I'm looking for a size 12-24 month chicken costume - anyone?
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