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Post Posted: Fri, Dec 31 2010, 7:54 am       Post subject: Comprehensive Shabbos Menu
I am looking for a comprehensive list for Shabbos menus. That way I can try to mix and match every Shabbos without making the exact same meal(s) over and over.`
What I mean is I want to be able to make a list like this:

Fish course:
Gefilte fish from jar
GF baked
3 layer GF

Salad course:
Israeli Salad
Potato Salad
Pasta salad - tricolor
Pasta salad - KBD


Chicken soup w Matzo Balls
Chicken soup w mandlach
Ved soup

Hot Chicken (ie Friday night):
BBQ Chicken
Chicken on potatoes
Chicken on Rice

Cold Chicken (ie Shabbos day):
Cold cuts

Pot kugel
Yerushalmi kugel

ice cream
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Post Posted: Fri, Dec 31 2010, 8:08 am       Post subject: re: Comprehensive Shabbos Menu
You want specific recipes?

Basically my menu is

But it changes...

Chicken soup
This week it is chicken stir fry with veggies and I went ahead and made a rice
radish and fennel salad
chicken wings
Babaganoush and metbachat
challah kugel (sweet and savory, with onions, carrots, apples, raisins, rosemary, dill, garlic and salt and pepper naturally!)
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Post Posted: Fri, Dec 31 2010, 8:37 am       Post subject: re: Comprehensive Shabbos Menu
I think I know what you mean, I don't have much time now... gotta get to work but I'll do kugels, but I break it up into two groups

Sweet Kugels
Apple Kugel (there are plenty of varieties in that alone)
Cranberry Apple Crumble
Cherry Apple Kugel
Strawberry Apple Kugel
Butternut Squash Kugel
Carrot muffins
Pineapple Kugel
Sweet Lukshen Kugel
Sweet Potato Pie

Vegetable and Starch Kugels
Potato Kugel
Broccoli Kugel
Broccoli-Cauliflower Kugel
Zucchini Kugel (I make 2 different ones)
Mushroom Onion Kugel
Yerushalmi Kugel
TriColor Kugel

Thats all I have for now... feel free to add to it!
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Post Posted: Fri, Dec 31 2010, 9:51 am       Post subject: re: Comprehensive Shabbos Menu
I have similar lists hanging in my cabinet! Laughing

Basically includes
salads that I like to serve with fish
sweet sides
savory sides
veggie sides
salads that I like to serve with main course

Let's see how much I can remember off the top of my head!

DIPS (these are tried and true that I like to serve)

FISH (all plated)
lemon salmon
maple salmon
salmon wellingtons
honey mustard salmon salad
asian bbq salmon salad
chilled salmon with dijon sauce (not sure exactly what it's called, from q&k)

"classic" coleslaw
chinese coleslaw
asian coleslaw (kbd)
purple cabbage salad- mandarin orange
purple cabbage salad- crunchy, sweet
purple cabbage salad- confetti, cumin
purple cabbage salad- angel hair
avocado hearts of palm salad
corn salad
baby corn confetti salad
asian snap pea salad
cucumber salad
broccoli cashew craisin salad
sesame noodles
sushi salad
Israeli salad

(relish tray)

chicken soup
mushroom barley meat soup
cream of broccoli soup
butternut squash soup
split pea soup
mock potato (cauliflower-diet)
lebanese lentil soup
split pea soup

(knaidelach, kreplach, noodles, croutons, terra sticks)

teriyaki steaks
last minute miami ribs
stovetop steaks
deli roll

(I haven't experimented too much with meat...)

Classic schnitzel
Honey mustard schnitzel
French fried onion chicken
Chicken pastrami rollups
Stuffed chicken capons
Bbq chicken
Basic glazed chicken
Southern breaded chicken (not sure exactly what it’s called, in q&k)
Garlic roasted chicken with veg.

Apple kugel
Sweet potato pie tarts (mini or lg)
cranberry apple kugel tarts (mini or lg)
carrot muffins
maple lukshen kugel

broccoli kugel tarts (mini or lg)
orzo with California veg
Noodle mushroom kugel
Potato kugel
Potato knishes

grilled chicken salad
asian steak salad
flatbread salad

large tossed salads with variety of dressings and cut up veg

...more to come! (I'll edit if I remember things I missed.)
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chocolate moose

Post Posted: Fri, Dec 31 2010, 11:17 am       Post subject:
I do that for Pesch since it's so limited.
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Post Posted: Sat, Jan 01 2011, 9:24 pm       Post subject: re: Comprehensive Shabbos Menu
Thanks for these great ideas / lists
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Post Posted: Tue, Jan 18 2011, 5:19 pm       Post subject: re: Comprehensive Shabbos Menu
it's really so hard to write these lists without giving each recipe etc. really the best thing for you to do is to take a couple of your favorite cookbooks and flip through them section by section and pick out the recipes that look good in each catergory. But you asked for more lists so I will give you what I can.

Side Dishes (that are not kugel - those I listed above and not salads)

Spicy baby red potatoes
french fried orzo (Kosher Palette)
Marinated mushrooms
popcorn cauliflower
orzo with peppers
string beans (have a couple different recipes)
Potatoes and Peppers (Bobov cookbook)
noodles and cabbage
rice (so many different kinds)
sweet potato chips
baked potato
lo mein with vegetables
sesame noodles
french fries
vegetable knishes
potato knishes
kasha varnishkas
mashed potatoes
quinoa- a new favorite, lots of options
roasted vegetables

Gefilte Fish loaf
Salmon Gefilte fish loaf
Gefilte fish jarred
Tricolor gefilte fish (forgot which cookbook but awesome)
salmon - so many recipes others have listed some
tilapia - also tons of options of what to do with it
flounder - again so many options
mock crab
tuna steaks
fish cakes

k gotta run again, sorry this is time consuming I can only do a little at a time
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Post Posted: Wed, Jan 19 2011, 10:31 am       Post subject: re: Comprehensive Shabbos Menu
Peanut, would you mind sharing the recipe for potatoes and peppers? Sounds good! Thanks.
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Post Posted: Wed, Jan 19 2011, 10:40 am       Post subject:
This is a great idea, but I think I'd take it one step up.

Open a spreadsheet in Google docs (or Word) and make the various lists. This way I can also put in the URLs for specific recipes if the recipe is off the internet, input the name of the cookbook and page number of the specific recipe if I got it out of a book and even put in the date of the last time I made the specific dish so I don't make any one thing too often.

I could even make a column of which family members refuse to eat it....

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Jewish Mother

Post Posted: Wed, Jan 19 2011, 10:43 am       Post subject: re: Comprehensive Shabbos Menu
I have a huge collection of recipe books and I often sit down and flip through them and make up a whole Shabbat menu from one particular book. That's my trying and testing Shabbat. I'll then invite some people over for a meal and use what I've tried and tested on them!

If it works it goes on a list that I keep at the front of each book. If it doesn't I usually write some notes beside the recipe.
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Post Posted: Wed, Jan 19 2011, 10:50 am       Post subject: re: Comprehensive Shabbos Menu
Lemon Musht
Red Musht
Gefilta Fish

Eggplant-4 different kinds
Tomato salad
Moroccan carrots
Cabbage with pecans
Lettuce salads

Side dishes
Rice with crasines (from Imamother)
Rice with mushrooms
Oven baked pots
Sweet pots with olive oil
potato kugel
apple cranberry
two color kugel


fruit salad with pecans
vanilla ice cream
coffee ice cream
apple pie
mousse pie

The chicken, soup, liver and cholent are all basically the same every week.
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