Do rich only look for rich Machatonim? When yes and when no?
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Post  Thu, Dec 21 2006, 8:20 am
amother wrote:
bonzie wrote:
I don't think my mother would go within a five mile radius of a jail, shes not the type

don't sneeze so fast Exclamation my father is a respectable rov & goes to jail 6 days a week.

(did I mention he's a chaplain..... Smile )


its just a tad different for women...
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Post  Sun, Jun 02 2013, 6:38 pm
I would be devastated to think of my kids being pursued for shidduchim because of money. I know it happens and is a human trait as old as the hills but it is gross. We are a comfortable family and have taught our kids to be discreet and modest in manner and dress. To flaunt wealth attracts the wrong sort of company. For shidduchim the most important attribute in a match is a good decent honest partner from a loving home. Not a demanding gold digger that treats you as a cash machine. I have a number of dil from diff backgrounds and treat them equally. We happily paid for the wedding and apartment of one of our ds and dil. The kallah came from a huge family rich in middos, love and modesty. Our mechutonim didn't know what we had or could afford, so to help out was our pleasure. BUT I would never let on from the start what we did or didn't have.
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Post  Sun, Jun 02 2013, 7:24 pm

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Post  Sun, Jun 02 2013, 8:11 pm
Someone I know married into a very wealthy family, they get nothing! The parents just don't give, even when they were in kollel and struggling?!?!

Someone else I know, from a poor home married a very wealthy boy with major issues and the wealthy parents pay all their bills BUT dictate their lives, what they can wear, where they can go etc....

I know a family that lost their money, but couldn't let anyone know, they got tomchei shabbos delivered to their mansion.
There are all types....
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