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Post  Wed, Jan 04 2017, 3:26 pm
My landlord is so rude.
He'll tell me to do things (move your car over, use the other garbage can etc) without prefacing it with, "hi, how are you," or even "please."
Just, "move your car over (when my car is parked just fine, but could techincally be a little closer to the edge of the spot)," or "use the other garbage can (no, the others are not full!)".

It just gets me annoyed. And no, I don't think I should suggest shidduchim for your single children, because I wouldn't want a father in law with your rude manners, so I don't feel right suggesting your family for others. When we move at the end of the year iy"H, I won't either suggest your apartment to future tenants. If they call me as a reference I'll be very neutral but if they ask any specific questions about you, I will answer them truthfully.
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