Fashion-folks, plz suggest a new pocketbook, ty

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Post  Tue, Jan 10 2017, 12:38 pm
I'm a stay at home mom in tri state area who doesnt get out much. I need a new pocketbook and would like one that is currently in style. can someone post links to what ppl are using these days? I dont need anything too large but wouldn't mind if it could fit a book in it. and would prefer not to spend too much $$, like up to $75 (although $10 is fine too Smile).
thanks in advance
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Post  Tue, Jan 10 2017, 2:16 pm
Best thing to do is try to get a quality handbag on sale. If you find something you like, keep an eye on it and buy it when the price drops.

Last year I bought myself a medium-sized Michael Kors handbag during a President's Day sale at Macy's. I got it on sale for around $60. It was a nylon bag with leather handles. Unfortunately the leather handles started to wear out and looked like they were about to rip. I contacted Michael Kors and they sent me a list of bags I could choose from to replace my bag. Here's what I got, free of charge:


The bag I had was similar though it was not all leather. My point is, though, if you shop during sales you can get something for significantly less $$$. My original bag retailed for about $150, but I kept on eye on it and bought it when the price went down.
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Post  Tue, Jan 10 2017, 2:32 pm
How much do you want to spend?

Assuming you're not in the market for a Birkin, I'd look on Ebay for a good classic Coach or something equivalent.

Added in edit:

Although I can't imagine what prompted me to respond to this thread. When you think of "fashion-folks," I am not what comes to mind. So just ignore whatever I say. Unless you really are in the market for a Birkin, in which case I recommend one in cobalt blue.
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 12:46 am
For $10 you can get one at Amazing Savings. For brand names Macy's always has a nice selection on sale
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 3:04 am
I usually like target's selection and pricing.

But there's so much more that goes into a handbag.. pockets, zippers, built in or matching wallets...

Personally, I have had large bags and found I stuff it then have sore shoulders. So I decided to use a tiny make up bag I had... But I do need to get one a little bigger to hold a small but not tiny notebook... plus I like sections... However, I have no intention of buying anything with a shoulder strap ever again...
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 7:51 am
I've had great success from Banana Republic on sale; last call (Neiman Marcus); saks off fifth
Check their websites. They always have good deals.
I'm currently using a cute, trendy bag that was $15 or $20, don't remember! (It won't last more than 2 seasons, but if I wanted a sturdier bag I would have paid more.)
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 7:51 am
TJ Maxx is also a good place to check
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 8:35 am
allthingsblue wrote:
TJ Maxx is also a good place to check

Was just there yesterday and was shocked to see dooney and Burke leather bags for $50-80, Michael kors and kate spade at around $100.

For cheaper options, they have nine west and ivanka trump bags in the $20-50 range.
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 10:33 am
Zara is having a sale now you can get a bag for $20-$30 all different styles.
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 10:36 am
Forever21 has some really cool bags. very cheap but not sturdiest quality.
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