City Mini V. Valco Latitude V. Britax B-Agile

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Post  Wed, Aug 03 2011, 5:35 pm
Hi all!
I know there are FAR to many posts like this, but I want to hear from real people (as opposed to the reviewers on babygizmo) about these strollers. If you have something constructive to add, I'd love to hear, good or bad.

I need something lightweight and easy to fold (for lots of car/bus traveling) durable (for city streets/winters/long walks). I walk and take public transportation everywhere, and I'm fairly petite, so I can't handle anything hard to maneuver or carry. And, IYH, I'm due soon with our first, so I need something suitable for a newborn (and no, I don't want a snapngo or travel system. I don't want to leave my baby in the carseat). I also plan on getting a baby carrier.

I know nothing is perfect, so I want to hear what you have to say about these strollers.
I've generally seen that the Britax B-Agile is almost the same thing as the Baby Jogger, and the valco is a bit harder to fold, but not difficult.
I've also heard that the city mini will fall over backwards? Is that true? Obviously, if you load up the handlebar, any (lightweight) stroller would do that, but if it's a serious safety concern...
Has anyone had the B-agile, or is it too new to hear anything about? Are these all equally sturdy?
I wheeled around the CMBJ in a store, but they didnt carry these other two. Any idea where they would?

And, honestly, I love that the city mini now comes in purple. Very cute. Smile
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Post  Wed, Aug 03 2011, 5:44 pm
I have a valco latitude and am very happy with it. The fold doesn't always work the first time but I usually just stick it into my minivan trunk without folding so it doesn't bother me! The buckle isn't as simple as most where you just push down the button and the straps pop out - you have to push the straps in at the same time - fine for me but grandparents had a hard time!

My only real issue is how quickly the fabric faded and I have a valco trimode twin that is almost 6 years old and looks way better than the latitude did after 6 months!
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Post  Wed, Aug 03 2011, 6:35 pm
I also have a Latitude and really really like it. Folding it takes two hands, and you'll want to practice once or twice to get the hang of it before yo go someplace where you need to get it done quickly.

if you're petite, the fact that it has an adjustable handlebar could be a big deal for you. I hated trying to push the City Mini because the handle was at an awkward height/angle for me. I haven't tried a B-Agile, so I can't comment on that.

it is comparable in weight and size to the City Mini, including folded. the Valco's wheels are a little wider, and I think overall it is somewhat sturdier. the basket also has a frame rather than just being a bag slung under the seat.

for what its worth, the fabric on mine hasn't faded. and I like that the buckle isn't so easy for DD to undo! you just have to let people know how it works.

if I had to take public transportation a lot, I'd definitely plan on using a carrier most of the time! don't know what you're looking at there, but go for a good SSC with a waist belt and the ability to do a back carry if you want to be able to take an older kid on public transport in it.
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Post  Wed, Aug 03 2011, 6:54 pm
Thanks-good tips.

I don't mind if the fabric does fade (though, of course, if it doesn't, that's preferable).
I think the plan is to use a carrier on public transportation for the most part, but I do need to be able to manage with my stroller as well, if I'm going to be out all day or going away for shabbos etc. I plan on getting the best one I can-with the most support. I'm not a super buff person (though I'm in shape, I'm also very small), and don't know that I could carry around a big baby, much less an older kid.

The handlebars are hard- DH is over a foot taller than me. I'm fairly short, and he's tall. I think it's easier for me to have a tall one than for him to have a short one, but I am also going to be using the stroller much more often.

The folding is really important to me-if the Valco is too difficult for me to manage quickly ever, and then carry up or down stairs, etc, I probably wouldn't go for it. But if it takes a bit of practice and two hands, but then its a snap, I'm okay with that.

I really want to know more about the Britax- I teach in a preschool and have seen a billion city minis, but never a B-agile, and, from online reviews, I gather that they are very very similar.
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Post  Wed, Aug 03 2011, 7:06 pm
I like the b agile over city mini bc the car seat clicks right in without the need to purchase an adapter .
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