Attn Bed Bug Survivors....a few q's

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Post  Thu, Jan 19 2012, 7:34 pm
Ok, unfortunately we have a confirmed case of bed bugs Sad
It's going to be ok....a lot of work to prepare for the exterminators but we can do it!!!!

I have a few questions for you ladies who have unfortunately been in the same situation:

1. Did you have to do anything with your sheitels?

2. Did you have to treat your car? We have an infant carseat that goes between house and car and sometimes our baby sleeps in it at night in our bedroom.

3. How careful were you about not infesting other places through eggs etc. that might be on your clothes? How paranoid do I have to be? I'm not going to other people's houses but should I be careful about taking my kids to playgroup or library etc.? Do the eggs or nymphs really stick to your clothes and transfer to other people/places?

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Post  Thu, Jan 19 2012, 7:44 pm
I'm so sorry you are going through this. Just for some chizuk- I was freaking out when we had bedbugs, and now it's just a thing of the past I hardly remember about it anymore.
To answer your questions:
I was extremely paranoid but my dh was more chilled about it. I would say if your case is confined to the bedroom then don't worry too much about spreading it other places. Find out from the exterminator whether it has spread past the bedroom.
In terms of sheitels, I only washed the one I wore everyday.
Helpful hint- bedbugs die from freezing so if you have a freezer that you don't use you can put your stuff in for a few days and don't open the door so they get really cold. I did that with some stuff and saved a lot of money on dry cleaning.
In terms of spreading to the car- I was really paranoid about this, but again I think it depends how bad a case you have. You shouldn't worry about the car seat base because they don't live on plastic. But just wash it with soap and hot water.
Hope this was helpful. Good luck and feel free to pm me or post any more questions.
Gam zeh yaavor
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Post  Thu, Jan 19 2012, 7:49 pm
Hi! I like that term - bedbug survivor Smile lol. We had bedbugs when I was pregnant with dd - so no kids yet, but I don`t remember the exterminator or ANYONE for that matter saying anything about it being contagious outside the home... As far as my sheitel, I didn`t even think of that! We just washed our sheets blankets pillows etc and put it all in the dryer and the exterminator sprayed our whole place. As far as I remember, we didn`t even have to wash our clothes that were in the closets etc (we had just been away and thought we caught the bedbugs at a hotel, so anything in the suitcases we washed and dried at high temp, but that`s it). BH, we haven`t had a problem since! Very Happy If you`re worried, though, I would talk to the exterminator and ask his advice - we followed all ours instructions. Good luck in getting rid of the nasty creatures!
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Post  Thu, Jan 19 2012, 7:56 pm
1. I was told by the exterminator to freeze my sheitel for 48 hours

2. We did not do our car although in theory I thought we should but I guess it didn't need to be done

3. We sent the kids to school I clothes that were dried in high heat. They wore it straight from the dryer. Their clothes from that day went into large bags until they were laundered and dried.

Hatzlacha rabba. Gam zeh yaavor. Kuddos to u for staying so calm.
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Post  Wed, Apr 17 2013, 10:32 pm
we ended up with a regular exterminator, cant afford heat treatment.
I have few questions, see next thread:

to previous amother: I liked your advice: 3. We sent the kids to school I clothes that were dried in high heat. They wore it straight from the dryer.
I did it.
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