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Post  Tue, Aug 21 2007, 12:43 pm
I was reading my daily Chitas

and came upon this... I am not sure why but it always upsets me when I read this every year... Just pushes me the wrong way..

if a man raped a married woman-he shall die. she's innocent- for just as a man rises up against his fellow and murders him, so is this case (from here we learn that we can kill for self defense) If the girl wasn't married ..she becomes his wife and pays 50 shekel.

Why does she have to become his wife??? He raped her!!

Just wanted to start a discussion on parsha...I guess..
Anon, well because I wanted to be Razz
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Post  Tue, Aug 21 2007, 12:53 pm
She doesn't have to. It's her choice. If she agrees to marry him, he can never divorce her.

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Post  Tue, Aug 21 2007, 1:34 pm
This needs to be understood in the context of the ancient world. Women had essentially two places in society: either someone’s daughter or someone’s wife. Single women making it on their own are rare to nonexistent. Father is not going to live forever, and while brothers have a responsibility to take care of single sisters, you can’t bank on that. Besides, in db household you are something of a fifth wheel. Marriage is the only really viable option for a woman.

Problem is, most men want to marry a virgin. A single woman who is not a virgin and not a widow is going to have a hard time getting married. And what if she's pregnant? So, we offer the woman the choice of marrying this guy, who will at least give her the security, such as it is, of having a husband who cannot legally throw her out into the street because she burned the soup. She has the right of refusal, and if she does so, she at least has dowry money, which will hopefully be enough to make some other man willing to overlook the fact that she is not a virgin and marry her.
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