Do we really owe him anything?
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Post  Thu, Dec 29 2016, 7:51 pm
shev wrote:
OH wow. Why we judging the op so harshly. Life happens, problems pop up when we don't expect them to. Cut the op some slack.

The issue is she is placing blame on everyone else, not that she messed up. We're human, mess ups happen. When they do, we should learn and grow from them, not go around pointing fingers at everyone but ourselves.
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Post  Thu, Dec 29 2016, 9:25 pm
If I have to go anywhere that involves any sort of unpredictable timing (such as doctor, dentist, mechanic, etc.) within a few hours of having to pick my kids up from school, I make backup arrangements beforehand JUST IN CASE it takes longer than I expected. Maybe I misunderstood, but it sounds like, even as dismissal time approached, you did not even consider the possibility that you would be stuck at the mechanic too late to make it for your DS's bus, and then you were stuck scrambling for a back up plan at the last minute.

I also don't really understand what happened with your babysitter. If you only called her a short time before the bus brought your son to her house, how did she not realize that she might still be at the doctor? Or did you not call her because you assumed she was home?

I grew up on Long Island where most people get district bussing. You had to (and it's still like this) sign up for bussing in April of the previous year. If you missed the deadline, and certainly if you moved or had a change of schedule mid-year, you were out of luck. I know many situations of people who were stuck driving their kids to and from school daily because they couldn't get the bus route to change. I understand your arrangement is a different thing, but just want to answer your question by saying that, yes, people do sometimes have changes mid-year that require different bussing arrangements, but the reality is that many of those people are left dealing with a very difficult and inconvenient situation for the rest of the year. If I had a bus/van situation that accommodated a mid-year change of stop, I would consider myself very fortunate.

ETA: And, yes, I also know people who hire a babysitter just to take their kids off the bus and stay with them a short time because they work until later than the kids get home. It's hard to find a babysitter for that and it's a pain, but they don't have much choice. Most school-bussing arrangements are not flexible.
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Post  Thu, Dec 29 2016, 10:08 pm
Disregarding everything else, one year my child came home on the bus, and I worked late 1 day a week. I asked the driver to take her to my mother in law around the corner that day. It was not a big deal for anyone involved.
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Post  Thu, Dec 29 2016, 11:52 pm
Personally, I'd need way more than $100 compensation if I had to deal with you on any sort of regular basis.
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