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Post  Sun, Sep 10 2017, 12:40 pm
Hi everyone,

We will be making succos this year and having loads of company. I'm so excited! We made succos once before, but it was just our family and we kept things incredibly simple (if memory serves, one meal was scrambled eggs and onion soup... you get the picture). We're on a very tight budget, and don't mind being unconventional in our food choices to keep things cheap. I would like to make sure no one goes away hungry though, and that we honor the chag with yummy food.

I'd love to see other peoples budget friendly menus!

Any other suggestions about hosting several couples and many children for three days would also be appreciated!

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Post  Sun, Sep 10 2017, 1:03 pm
Mexican make your own taco bar can be affordable and festive- can do it meat or dairy
( gazpacho or taco salad can be appetizer if you want a two course meal)

A shawarma bar with schwarma chicken, pita, beets, carrots, Israeli salad, hummus and Tehina, pickles etc is fun and yummy

French onion soup, spinach lasagna ( go light on cheese) and salad is a nice dairy meal

Homemade pizza is so yummy and very affordable. Although if you have a crowd you might need more than 2 which may be too much work
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Post  Sun, Sep 10 2017, 1:07 pm
I don't have a menu yet for this year but here are some things that I consider not too expensive:
Potatoes cook it any shape or form
Green beans
Squash / zuchini
Brussel sprouts- sautee with oil and salt. Or chop and mix with canned creamed corn and bake in pie crusts for a kiesh
Carrot soup( I cook carrots on a very low flame for many hours with no water until soft and then blend)
Chicken balls (made of ground dark chicken. Or you can make meatloaf. I usually put some turmeric. You can have it as a main dish)
Turkey roast - I like to bake mine with a honey bbq glaze. And bring it to the butcher to slice really thin to get the most out of it
Meatloaf made of ground veal is also heavenly but that may be too expensive. You can make it into a shepherd's pie with a layer of potatoes so you could get away with using less meat.
Gefilte fish
Frozen flounder fried Mediterranean style with veggies and spices
Apple crumble/kugel/compote
Beats- I slice mine in the oven or julienne shred them and bake or sautee with salt, sugar, and black pepper.
Stir fry beef. You would be surprised how you can get away with using very little beef if you add a lot of veggies and it is still fancy enough as a main dish. I usually stir fry in my carbon steel wok each ingredient separately and add some of the following: sugar snap peas. Canned bean sprouts. Shredded carrots. Canned baby corn. Mushrooms. Canned bamboo shoots. Fresh white asparagus cut up into tiny pieces (adds a nice crunch and you could use very little). Slivered almonds,
Good luck and congratulations on making sukkos at home and having guest over!
Edited to add: for the beats you can get yellow beats or both yellow and red for some really nice color and flavor.
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Post  Sun, Sep 10 2017, 1:21 pm
A whole bird is cheaper and classy. Cut some red potatoes around it and u hav a meal. As an aside it tastes alot better baked in a heavy pan vs disposable.
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Post  Sun, Sep 10 2017, 1:51 pm
If you are on a tight budget then your first course should be soup at night and cold fruit soup, in the day time.
For the main dish you can do stir fry with lots of veggies an strips of meat or chicken, that way you will not need a big ammount.
You can also use ground chicken or turkey for meatballs, meatloaf etc.which is not expensive and add bread crumbs to make a small ammount serve alot of people.
A big stew, is also filling and can have lots of potatoes and sweet pots with some chicken or meat.
For side dishes rice, mashed or baked pots, cucumber salad, tomato salad or whatever veggies are cheap.
You can also ask the guests to bring something like a cake or dessert or even a kugel.
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Post  Sun, Sep 10 2017, 1:54 pm
We went to someone's house where they served meatballs, good bread and dips, cucumber salad, cabbage salad, tomato salad and a fruit crisp for dessert and it was a nice meal that seemed budget friendly
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Post  Sun, Sep 10 2017, 2:13 pm
Any kind of ground chicken mixture or nuggets will go a long way. Such as meatloaf (made with chicken), or stir fry with vegetables. I've also done chicken roll-ups with a vegetable filling, slice the roll-up in slices and voila! one cutlet serves two people balebatishly.
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Post  Tue, Sep 12 2017, 3:00 pm
Vegetable soups as a first course are a great way to feed a crowd on a budget and serve less for the main course without anyone leaving hungry. I prepare a box of small-shaped pasta separately and leave it on the side for those who want to add it to the soup, which works great for picky kids who may prefer a bowl of noodles with some of the liquid from the soup, without any vegetables.

Here's another tip to make your food "stretch" - if you are serving family style (platters/bowls in the middle of the table), bring out the sides and salads first. Wait until they have gone around the table and everyone's plates are mostly full before bringing out the more expensive protein. When people are faced with an empty plate they tend to take more from the platter, so bring out the cheaper rice, potatoes, etc. first, with generous amounts. You can then serve less of the meat/chicken and no one will notice since they have plenty of food on their plates already. I've been doing this for years!
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