What did I do? Terrible rash on a baby's bottom!
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Post  Tue, Sep 12 2017, 1:54 am
It was typical ingredients, all of which he has had. I had my husband get him an antifungal cream and I've put it on 3 times since yesterday. But it's only getting worse, now he has most spots of raw skin and some are bleeding! I feel so terrible! And I thought it was getting better because he woke up only once last night and was pretty calm. I'm trying not to give him anything that would cause any bowel movements. He's only eating bread and rice cakes and I'm nursing. But hes still having diarrhea! I found a doctor nearby that I can bring him too. So I hope to do that today when they have hours.
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Post  Tue, Sep 12 2017, 11:20 pm
If the rash is getting worse, it may be that he needs a different anti-fungal. There are many strains of yeast and they respond to different medications.

As for the suggestion to put hydrocortisone on the baby's bum, that is absolutely the worst thing you can do, so please ignore that suggestion.

Three areas of the body cannot handle much exposure at all to cortisone, and that is the face, the armpits and the diaper area. If cortisone is used on those areas, the blood vessels can become damaged extremely quickly and it will result in a rash that takes many times more than a year to clear.

Using cortisone products on an 8 month-old baby is also extremely dangerous, no matter which body part is using the product, due to the thin-ness of the skin and increased absorbtion rate. Older children and adults that have never had steroid damage can safely use cortisone creams in a very specific manner.

Every package of cortisone carries with it the warnings that:

1. This product may cause skin atrophy (the breaking down of the skin).
2. This may occur with extremely short term exposure when used on the face, flexor areas (where the body bends), or the intertriginous areas (where the skin rubs together, like the armpits or groin).
3. Children absorb larger amounts of cortisone than adults.

Bottom line: Using cortisone on a diaper rash is NOT the solution, no matter how bad it looks. The risk is too great. Many people who have tried that have children that suffer terribly from ongoing rashes and steroid withdrawal.

I hope you find that solution soon, and it may be just in getting a different antifungal.

Word of caution:
Make sure that the antifungal your doctor gives does not contain a steroid (cortisone). Many times they will compound the antifungal with a steroid, and then the child runs into big trouble.

(edited for typo)
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Post  Wed, Sep 13 2017, 2:01 am
Op, did you go to the doctor? Diaper rashes are so painful for baby's- best to have a professional look at it than to keep trying different creams and hoping something works. The longer you wait, the longer the baby is in pain.
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Post  Wed, Sep 13 2017, 6:34 am
Yes BH getting better, I think. Majority of the redness is gone. But the bleeding sports are still there and now there is dry flanking skin too. This wasn't our regular pediatrician so it's not as easy to call back or go back in. Then again maybe I have to give it more than a day or two to heal. I've also been trying to let him air-out after each diaper change.
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