"Different" way to say Mah Nishtana?
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Post  Thu, Mar 19 2009, 4:31 am
Dr Seuss Mah Nishtana
Why is it only on Passover night
we never know how to do anything right?
We don't eat our meals in the regular ways,
the ways that we do on all other days.

`Cause on all other nights we may eat
all kinds of wonderful good bready treats,
like big purple pizza that tastes like a pickle,
crumbly crackers and pink pumpernickel,
sassafras sandwich and tiger on rye,
fifty felafels in pita, fresh-fried,
with peanut-butter and tangerine sauce
spread onto each side up-and-down, then across,
and toasted whole-wheat bread with liver and ducks,
and crumpets and dumplings, and bagels and lox,
and doughnuts with one hole and doughnuts with four,
and cake with six layers and windows and doors.
Yes-- on all other nights we eat all kinds of bread,
but tonight of all nights we munch matzah instead.

And on all other nights we devour
vegetables, green things, and bushes and flowers,
lettuce that's leafy and candy-striped spinach,
fresh silly celery (Have more when you're finished!)
cabbage that's flown from the jungles of Glome
by a polka-dot bird who can't find his way home,
daisies and roses and inside-out grass
and artichoke hearts that are simply first class!
Sixty asparagus tips served in glasses
with anchovy sauce and some sticky molasses--
But on Passover night you would never consider
eating an herb that wasn't all bitter.

And on all other nights you would probably flip
if anyone asked you how often you dip.
On some days I only dip one Bup-Bup egg
in a teaspoon of vinegar mixed with nutmeg,
but sometimes we take more than ten thousand tails
of the Yakkity-birds that are hunted in Wales,
and dip them in vats full of Mumbegum juice.
Then we feed them to Harold, our six-legged moose.
Or we don't dip at all! We don't ask your advice.
So why on this night do we have to dip twice?

And on all other nights we can sit as we please,
on our heads, on our elbows, our backs or our knees,
or hang by our toes from the tail of a Glump,
or on top of a camel with one or two humps,
with our foot on the table, our nose on the floor,
with one ear in the window and one out the door,
doing somersaults over the greasy k'nishes
or dancing a jig without breaking the dishes.
Yes-- on all other nights you sit nicely when dining--
So why on this night must it all be reclining?
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Post  Thu, Mar 19 2009, 7:08 am
did you make that up? or is that dr. seuss thing famous and I have just never heard it? that is so cute!!
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lech lecha08


Post  Thu, Mar 19 2009, 8:01 am
I'm the youngest and have done mah nishtanah for as long as I can remember. 5 or so years ago, I said it in Hebrew and then read the Dr. Seuss version as the "translation"
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Post  Thu, Mar 19 2009, 1:11 pm
Pourquoi ce soir ce distinct-il des autres soirs?
Tout les autres soirs nous nous mangeons de chametz ou de la matzah, ce soir nous ne mangeons que de la matzah.
Tout les autres soirs nous nous mangeons toute sort du verdure, ce soir nous ne mangeons que herbes ameres.
Tout les autres soirs nous ne trempons meme un fois, ce soir nous trempons deux fois.

(And I'm embarrassed to admit that I can't remember the 3rd one for the life of me.)

I have it in Chinese too, but it's so long since I used it I'd have to look up the Pinyin (transliteration) for the characters I have written.
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Mrs Bissli


Post  Mon, Mar 23 2009, 5:58 pm
Does anyone else use the version of ma nishtana where
chametz/matza comes on the 2nd stanza?
Ours has dipping twice on the 1st stanza.

Almost guaranteed to confuse unfamiliar guests!

We also like to collect hagaddot in different languages.
So far we have judeo-arabic, persian, french, spanish, russian, japanese, chinese.
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Post  Mon, Mar 23 2009, 6:02 pm
Mrs Bissli, that's the Lubavitch way of doing it too (Different to how I grew up! I was totally bemused my first married seder night!).
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