Passover blintzes/crepes

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chocolate moose


Post  Tue, Apr 22 2008, 7:25 pm
Passover blintzes/crepes
posted upon request, from purple Lub cookbook

Disclaimer: I do not make them but my neighbor does and described the process to me.

4 eggs
4 T potato starch
1/2 cup water
tsp salt
fat to fry

Beat your eggs and add all ingredients, potato starch last (so batter does not separate). Heat your fat in a frying pan. Spoon 3 T into skillet and swirl to coat; cook about 30 second and turn out into plate. Repeat. Makes about 16.
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Post  Thu, Apr 24 2008, 11:13 pm
In my experience:

1. Cut the salt in half (I use even less).

2. Mix eggs and salt in one bowl, and potato starch and water in another. Then combine.

3. This recipe tastes like scrambled eggs. It makes yummy soup lukshen, but it's too eggy for blintzes. Just my opinion!

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chocolate moose


Post  Fri, Apr 25 2008, 10:12 am
I postd the recipe upon request from a cookbook. I don't use much added salt in cooking, neither do I make anything terribly eggy. but thansk for your imput.
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Post  Mon, Apr 28 2008, 4:48 am
I'm sorry, CM, if I offended you. I was posting in a hurry and only wanted to tell people my experience because I had been disappointed by my attempt to make blintzes from this recipe. I wasn't saying anything about your cooking, CM, I know you were just posting a recipe that you personally have never made, as a chesed for someone who had requested it. My comments were not directed at you at all. I had spent most of the morning potchkeing with these blintzes with all the kids underfoot, and to have the kids not like them in the end was really disheartening. I just wanted to share my opinion if it would help anyone. I'm sorry if it came out sounding not nice.

P.S. Like I said before, we all really enjoyed them as soup lukshen!

P.P.S. I removed my daughter's comment from the earlier post, because I realized it sounded rude. You have to know my daughter and her sweet, earnest voice, to appreciate the comment--and it doesn't come across the same on the computer.
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Post  Mon, Apr 28 2008, 10:16 am
I find that it usually needs more salt Laughing
And I second the mixing starch with water before adding it to the beaten eggs. Smile
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