First came the lice. Then came the mice. What's next?
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Post  Mon, Jul 07 2008, 1:44 pm
I feel that I have paid the price
for little visitors, not just twice, but thrice
I'm willing to try a new device
because more little critters
I don't wish to entice.
As most of you know,
I'm full of spice
but my posts are rarely
very concise.

I'm printing out the pictures of Reb Yeshayah as we speak. Tried to do some internet research. Didn't learn much, but he appears to be from Budapest (I'm part Hungarian, so that's good) and one site sells this mousepad:
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Post  Mon, Jul 07 2008, 1:48 pm
I'm sorry if I'm naive but ... Scratching Head how does the reb scare away the mice'lach ?!?!?! What
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Post  Mon, Jul 07 2008, 1:50 pm
I heard (from a few different people) that Reb Kerestier was a VERY holy man. He was very makpid on the mitzvah of Maaser. Once, there was a town that had a very serious problem with mice eating all their crops... they called Reb Yeshaya'la to help them solve the problem. He spoke to them and asked if they were careful with Maaser and they said no. He told them that's why the mice are coming... So he told them if they will promise to be careful with it, he will get rid of the mice. Of course they said ok... So he walked to the fields and as soon as the mice saw him, they all ran away and never returned again.

Supposedly his face is filled with such kedusha that even when a mouse sees a picture of him, they get scared off and run away. I was skeptical at first but was getting desperate so I hung up a picture of him on my fridge (we were seeing mice in the kitchen) and from that day on (bli ayin hara) we haven't seen a single mouse! My neighbors who were also having problems did the same thing and also saw no more mice. Good luck and I hope it works for you!
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Post  Wed, Jul 09 2008, 12:26 pm
Trying to be nice,
Checking in about the mice,
Have they gotten into the rice?
Or are they on treading on thin ice?

(Ok so I'm pretty bad and this rhyming thing but in any case I was wonding if you got rid of them?)
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