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Post  Wed, Mar 25 2009, 8:10 pm
We rotate a Shabbos house with 3 other families for kiruv. However, all the other families do not clean up after they are finished with Shabbos. I am beginning to get very frustrated. When I go in, I have to clean up their mess just to get reay for our Shabbos guests. Last time, the people before us left the garbage with tons of dirty diapers. Another family leaves massive amounts of dishes. Another leave the most disgusting toilets ever! I clean when I get there. Then, I spend 3 hours after Shabbos cleaning up whatever mess we make. I feel like no one else does their part, yet I leave eveything spotless for everyone else. Also, I take inventory of what we have used and what needs replenishing..no one else does this for me!

I've been thinking of the next time we do this, not to bother doing everything for the next family. Then I feel bad, and don't want anyone to have to deal with our mess.

What should I do?
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Post  Wed, Mar 25 2009, 8:19 pm
Why don't you suggest to the other families that you all chip in to have someone come into clean after Shabbos is over? Either that could be a real solution or it's a tactful way of giving them the message.
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