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Post  Fri, Feb 05 2010, 5:57 pm
I need a sturdy, medium-sized, not too fancy purse/bag/tote. It has to be big enough to hold a bottle of water, a book, toiletries, tylenol, large wallet, small date book, cell phone, and so on - not a small, elegant clutch style. On the other hand, not huge, because then I'll fill it and it will weigh a ton. I'd like lots of compartments so I know where everything is and don't have to rummage. And rugged!

I got a Lug, and it was cute, but it's not even a year and it's falling apart. I don't care about stylish brands, and would like it to be neutral black/brown so I can take it everywhere - I'm just not going to use multiple purses and transfer stuff between them. It has to have a long strap, so I can wear it on a shoulder, and not just over my arm/in my hand.

I wouldn't mind spending a higher amount, IF it is going to last a long time. I only use the one bag, so a bit extra isn't a big deal, if it will last me for a couple of years or more. I don't much care what the fabric is; I love leather, but don't mind the nylon in the Lug.

Any suggestions?
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Post  Sun, Feb 07 2010, 4:51 pm
I have a big fat awesome not-heavy coach bag that I use as a diaper bag/purse.

it is currently holding an outfit, box of wipes, 3 diapers, wallet, siddur, checkbook, water bottle, cell phone, jar of baby food, bib, purell, container of advil, spoon and 3 cars. it's handling it nicely.

I got it at the COACH outlet- if you have one near you the prices are WAY cheaper. I paid around $140 IIRC. I LOVE it and have had it almost a year.

coach is the lower end of luxury brands. they're pretty good quality, look nice, and are not crazy expensive. stay away from their fabric coach monogram- get leather only.
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chocolate moose


Post  Sun, Feb 07 2010, 6:11 pm
I don't think anything lasts forever. I got a leather purse a few years ago and not only did it look ratty, both zippers gave out; anything you use day in and day out is going to have to be replaced.

That said, I got a nice portfolio at Target a few weeks ago; costs $30 and really suits my lifestyle. They have many styles of purses and bags there.

I don't see paying for a designer name but if you want that, Filene's has them on discount. So does Century.
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Lady Godiva


Post  Mon, Feb 08 2010, 2:18 pm
Francesco Biasia bags are made well.
Here's one that might be big enough for you. It has a removable shoulder strap.
Added bonus: It's on sale here.

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