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Post  Wed, Sep 12 2012, 7:17 am
What did you all top it with?
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Post  Wed, Sep 12 2012, 7:33 am
I also used less sugar but found it wasn't v sweet, so added in more. Its in the freezer, so we'll see if its liked! Seems very, very rich to me. I took the left over batter, made a vanilla ice cream and mixed it in. Tastes very light, like choc mousse with a peanut butter twang! Saving it for yt Smile
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Post  Wed, Sep 12 2012, 9:54 am
Oh, and forgot to mention I left out the chocolate chips like someone else suggested because I didn't want to lose the creamy texture
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Post  Thu, Sep 13 2012, 8:46 pm
be good wrote:
Blueberry Muffin wrote:
I was curious - so made this 2 ways -
1st - as stated - thawed whip and mixed in ingredients
2nd way - whipped up whip and mixed in ingredients -

the two looked very different when I put it in the container -
the non whipped one looked richer and choclalatier
the whipped looked fluffier - but thick ...
in freezer - will let you know the results after shabbas!

Hi Blueberry- which one was better??

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Factory Girl


Post  Mon, May 13 2013, 8:54 pm
This is min hashamayim!. I was out yesterday at cafe hadar and we order the peanut butter mousse which is heaven! !!. and I was just thinking I need to fig out how to make this mousee!!!!. This recipe looks pretty close to that mousee!. Thank you. Can't wait to make this! !
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Post  Fri, Mar 27 2020, 5:08 pm
Bumping up yet another old thread, with only a token apology Wink
Did anyone ever come up with a verdict on whether or not you should whip the whip before mixing it in?
And is it really important to use brown sugar instead of regular?
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chocolate moose


Post  Sun, Mar 29 2020, 1:48 pm
read the entire thread. it's different each way.

I assume the brown sugar contributes to the liquidity. I'd be afraid that the regular sugar would be crunchy. but try it with white sugar, if that's all you have. you be the judge and let us know !

it's not for pesach btw
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