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When do you USUALLY light candles erev Shabbos?
before the time it says on the calendar
 17%  [ 13 ]
exactly the time it says on the calendar
 22%  [ 17 ]
within a minute or two after the time it says on the calendar
 27%  [ 21 ]
oy, don't ask ... late ... down to the wire! :(
 32%  [ 25 ]
Total Votes : 76



Post  Sun, Jan 22 2006, 12:13 am
my dh wants me to light when the second siren goes off. which is 5 min before shabbos so I tell him what else has to be finnished and he does it I'm not always on time if I don't hear the siren ect. but I'm trying. I like the last minute rush, it makes my dh crazy, in my family my father would make shabbos an hour before shabbos. everything was already cooked but it had to be defrosted.
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Post  Sun, Jan 22 2006, 4:51 am
[quote="ForeverYoung"]I have no idea where number 18 came from.[quote]

here we have forty min. before sundown and it seems that things slow down because I feel that I have almost an hour more. but those forty min. are my most hectic times. finishing off cleaning and jumping in the shower and some times I give my four kids baths at that time Rolling Eyes poor hubby goes in five min. before shabbos and is such a rush that some times he goes to shul with his hair wet. one of his friends always laughs at him that he looks like he just rolled in the shower and came straight to shul.
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Post  Sun, Jan 22 2006, 9:05 am
Count me with the ladies who do everything on Thursday. Too many time early on I have had chicken that turned out to be rotten, kids who needed a trip to the ER, challah dough that doesn't rise and the like, to leave much to be done on Friday. All baking and fleishigs is done on Thursday. Friday is cholent and maybe rice (since I can always leave the meat out of the cholent and rice is nice but if it doesn't get cooked, it's okay too), vacuuming (since that's done last-minute and if it doesn't happen we just have Shabbos with a dirty floor) and other cleaning. Candle lighting is the mitzvah I have always been particularly careful with, and my daughters and I usually light a couple of minutes early so that we shouldn't feel down to the wire or stressed. Also, DH is gabbai and leaves for shul about 45 minutes before davenning to clean up, set up, and so on so he's not here (plus before that he checks the eruv and showers, so his last couple of hours aren't free for me before Shabbos).
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Post  Mon, Apr 17 2006, 10:59 pm
here's a halacha I learned (or relearned):

it is forbidden to place a plate or anything under dripping wax to catch it (since the wax is muktza and you are not allowed to put something into a position so that something muktza can fall into it, making it prohibited to move that object)

reminders: we say the she'hechiyanu blessing the first two nights of Pesach but not the last two nights

don't repeat the sh'hechiyanu bracha during kiddush if you said it when you lit candles

before doing any melacha after Shabbos that goes into Yom Tov, first say "boruch ha'mavdil bein kodesh l'kodesh" (as opposed to "boruch ha'mavdil bein kodesh l'chol" which you say every motzoei Shabbos before doing melacha)

and of course, light from an existing flame
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Post  Fri, Aug 24 2007, 12:07 pm
you newcomers want to vote? Smile
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Post  Fri, Sep 21 2007, 7:57 am
nice poll . I am happy that I am in the majority.
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