What does your 4 yr. old know?

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Post  Sun, Aug 27 2006, 3:30 pm
in terms of hebrew reading, writting, nekudot,

we are in charge of our sons chinuch so I just wanted to know what other boys are up to...
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Post  Sun, Aug 27 2006, 3:43 pm
This past year, DD learnt ALL of her Alef Beis, she can identify all of them, and can tell me what letters certain words start with. For example, Carrot starts with Kuf or Kaf.
She can also write some of them. She can also write some english letters, but that is more from me.
She knows her Nekudot, can identify them, but cannot read yet. I think that is next year, which is Pre-k.
She understands basic addition and subtraction, but with objects. She can count out items. That also came a bit from me as well.
If you can be more specific, I can tell you more.
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Post  Sun, Aug 27 2006, 3:45 pm
Each child follows his own developmental timetable. Children can learn to read anytime between 3-7 and still be within the "normal range."
Have an alef-bais chart in his room, sing it daily, pointing to the various letters.
Get a reading primer ( I like Sefer Hamesores). Spend 3-5 minutes a day going through the book, following his pace. Point out letters on siddurim, etc. that he recognizes. Keep the learning sessions relaxed and pleasant.
It is more important to provide regular, consistent, positive exposure at a pace your son is comfortable with than to worry about what "he should know."
In terms of writing, start with fine-motor activities to build facility: beading, buttoning, crayon work, simple mazes. Start by using thick pencil, which is easier for young kids to handle. ( Marker is enjoyable as well.) Start with lines and circles,and then move on to letters. Start with large letters... it is harder for young children to form letters or shapes that are small.
Most of all, enjoy the wonder of seeing a child's skills develop.
Good luck to you.
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Post  Sun, Aug 27 2006, 3:45 pm
is she going into pre-k this sept? or next? My son is in pre-k starting now.

what I am asking is, Pre-k is where they learn to actually read?
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Post  Sun, Aug 27 2006, 3:49 pm
She is going to Pre-1A next week. She will be turning 5, however. 4 year olds are in Kindergarten here.
I assume in Pre-1A they learn to read, I know I did.
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Post  Sun, Aug 27 2006, 4:37 pm
In a lot of schools kids learn to read Kindergarten age.
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Post  Sun, Aug 27 2006, 5:12 pm
My son who just turned 4 two weeks ago has been able to identify all aleph bais since the age of 2 actualy and recently we started teaching him nekudos he is up to segol now. He wont be in Pre-1-a until next school year and I'm kind of wondering if he will be bored this year and next. I remember last year he would learn a letter every two weeks, there were letters he knew already for a while.
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Post  Sun, Aug 27 2006, 5:14 pm
DD started learning Alef Beis when she was 2 as well, but OP asked what they learned last year, so that is what I posted!
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Post  Sun, Aug 27 2006, 11:40 pm
My boys are just starting a 4-yr old program this fall. One of them knows some of his aleph-bais, but can do almost the entire bentsching by himself (just from hearing us do it out loud with his sister). He can also draw full people and shapes and color in the lines. His twin brother has no interest in doing any of these things, but is the sweetest, gentlest boy I know, and he's very kind. He also knows which brocha to say for what and has a fantastic memory.

My daughter learned her alef-bais and nekudos in Kindergarten/P1-A, and wasn't reading a ton (in English or Hebrew) when she started 1st grade, but by the end she was reading fluently in both languages.

In my family, we're all early readers (3-4), so I was concerned about my daughter, but she's totally caught up now.
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Post  Mon, Aug 28 2006, 12:18 am
you are all scaring me. my dd who just turned 4 and is going into kindergarten this september, learned the alef beis... but doesn't recognize much of it. she sings the whole song but that's as much as she knows. is that considered behind?

I think in the school she will be going to, they learn this year alef beis and in pre 1a, nekudot and start with the ABC.

in first grade they learn to read both languages.
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Post  Sun, Sep 03 2006, 12:58 pm
My son is going to be 4 in Nov, and he had been able to recognize all the aleph bet and the ABC's since before he was 2, but I know that is a little advanced for his age. In school last year they worked on the letters aleph to yud (recogntion and what word strats with this sound) and I know this year they work on writing all the letters. In pre-1-a they do reading and complete writing in hebrew, as well as simple math and science concepts.

Take it slow with your kids, it is better for them to enjoy what they are doing and really be able to master the concepts before continuing. As long as they are recognizing the letters and know their brochos and some davening that should be enough at this age. Everyone will adventually learn to read and write why pressure them so young to do it. If you really would like your some to be able to read and write now play games with the letters with him and enjoy how quickly they can absorb the information when it is enjoyable. Good luck with him!!

Also there are teaching suply stores, we have one called the Educational Warehouse and they have lots of books and supplies to teach these skills with so you can do it from home.
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