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Post  Fri, Oct 20 2006, 7:30 am
nice article I watned to share.
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Post  Fri, Oct 20 2006, 9:45 am
I enjoyed this thanks Smile
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Post  Mon, Oct 23 2006, 10:50 am
Good article. It echoed much of the advice I'd read in Rabbi Noach Orlowek's "Raising Roses Among the Thorns", but distilled it into an article. It's good advice.

The only extra thing that I would add is that on those few occasions when confrontation really is inevitable, it is essential that the parent act quickly and decisively, and not give in.

For example, if the TV really needs to be turned off and the kids don't do it right away, I don't nag - I unplug the TV. If it's time for carpool and someone doesn't want to go - they get scooped up and buckled in the car seat. No fighting, no nagging, no anger on my part - just swift, mom's-in-control action. The kids usually settle right down because the confrontation is over - I mean, there's no sense arguing about staying home once you're already in the car. They are reassured that mom's in charge. They also don't gain anything from misbehavior. If I allowed a tantrum to gain attention, delay an action or even lead to me giving in, I'd be rewarding that behavior and in effect, TEACHING my children to act like that.
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Post  Tue, Oct 24 2006, 11:14 am
I liked the article but at the same time I think its important to teach your children that they must listen when you say something. so I dont think its wise to try and avoid every single possible confrontation or power struggle.
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