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Post  Mon, Oct 30 2006, 9:07 pm
the early intervention is giving me a very hard time approving my son for special ed or special ed center based school. I have notes from my pediatrician, pyscologist, evaluater and more that he needs it and they refuse to give it. they say if he is not cognivetely bad delayed then they cant give it. I am taking them to mediation-does anyone know anything that may help me with this process.
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Post  Mon, Oct 30 2006, 9:16 pm
I'm sorry your having such a hard time, if it helps I know of an early intervention Center that really cares about the parents CHALLENGE.

Also over the years (and I am talking years) I have had to go dwon to the Board of Ed to talk to people in the higher ups about my son and have made friends since that's really what you need when it comes to developmental issues with your children.

As I have posted before my son was not initially accepted to Yeled V'yalda since he was deemed to much for them to handle, but the second time was the charm and all my phone calls did pay off I got a SEIT teacher in the classroom which did make the program feel if he got out of control that there would be an extra set of hands. When I spoke to the Board of Ed about getting SEIT even though they hadn't given it to me when I explained the situation and how much my son would benefit from being with other kids and in a structured environment, I was given what I needed to have my son placed in the center based program I wanted.
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Post  Tue, Oct 31 2006, 11:37 pm
I work for Early Intervention in NYC. I dont understand - did your son have an SI evaluation and not qualify? or is it just the centerbased program that they wont approve? because in order to be eligible for SI altogether, he needs to delayed by a Standard Deviation of 2.0 (in one area) or 1.5 in at least 2 areas. what was his score on his evaluation?
or do you mean that he is already getting SI but they will not approve a centerbased program? the SI in the home needs to write a justification letter explaining why the service he is currently getting is not meeting his needs. in other words, why does he need to be in a special school as opposed to a regular school together with his SI at home. what will the centerbased program do for him that a regular school (and his therapy at home) cannot do?
you wrote that your therapists and everyone have already written letters so I am not sure what the problem is (if you want, be more specific). but all I can say is this: in my experience, parents usually get what they want at mediation, especially if they are sincere, articulate, and are able to express what they want and why. dont let them intimidate you. fight for the services you want. you are your child's best advocate. the worst that can happen is that theyll say no but at least then youll know that you tried your best. but they dont usually let it go so far because its a hassle for them and in the end (in my experience), theyll give you what you want to avoid a huge fight.
good luck! let us know what happens.
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