How do you motivate your kids to do their jobs?

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Post  Wed, Nov 01 2006, 10:31 pm
How do you motivate your kids to do their jobs? I am looking for some new motivation and ideas in my house....

Thanks a bunch!
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Post  Wed, Nov 01 2006, 10:36 pm
Well last chanukah we gave the kids a star chart for a present. It comes with a jar. I read them a bunch of strips of lottery style tickets that I folded and put in the jar - bowling, skating, mothers choice, you get the picture...each week if the star charts earn enough stars Sunday afternoon gets the child with the most stars to stick their hand in the jar and pick out a slip and tell us where we are going. It really works nicely and we get some fun family time as a result too.
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Post  Thu, Nov 02 2006, 1:18 am
First I try positive reinforcement, but at times when that won't work I resort to not doing my jobs too, which impacts on them obviously.
I tell them ok so no supper since u didn't set the table oh well I will just have my coffee bye! etc
Trust me they know I mean what I say, well atleast they think I do Wink so the table gets laid in a jiffy Very Happy
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chocolate moose


Post  Thu, Nov 02 2006, 9:55 am
It’s very hard. Not only do you need certain tasks performed, it’s got to be done by a certain time, right?

I make lists but try not to nag. I also give the kids the freedom to do these things at their own pace.

DS, an almost 19 year old, said that’s the “teenage way”.
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Post  Thu, Nov 02 2006, 10:02 am
I turn on some music. I start singing and dancing with the kids. It gets everyone in a great mood to clean up (myself included). Then we tackle what needs to be done together! I keep the music on while we clean. Very Happy

(This also works well if everyone is just in a really bad mood in general!)
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