Gilad shalit and the rebbe's dollar
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Post  Fri, Oct 28 2011, 3:35 am
ChossidMom wrote:
Well, I reckon, amother, that they recognize the Divine Providence in the dollar bill issue. A person doesn't become frum overnight and all spiritual growth usually happens as a process, over time. Who knows how this will affect their lives. It's all up to them in the end, isn't it? We all receive signs of Hashem's intervention in our lives. Sometimes we ignore them and sometimes we acknowledge... I'm not expecting totally secular people to become frum as a result of something that could even be seen a a "coincidence".

You never know. The wife, after establishing a relationship with the nice chabad family might be inspired to start lighting candles and take on some things. She thought of texting the Chabad shaliach the day after her son came home, so she must have been really touched. If she starts changing things in the home, it could have an effect. Listen, I'm not holding my breath. But it is my great wish.
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