How do frum ppl save money on groceries?
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chocolate moose


Post  Fri, Nov 09 2007, 3:22 pm
I like cvs's 77 cent spices !!!!
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Post  Thu, Dec 20 2007, 7:05 pm
I find it very difficult to cut down on my food purchases.
Fruits & vegetables are usually quite cheap but this year (shmitta) they're 3-4 times the regular prices.
If I don't serve meat (chicken, turkey, ground chicken, wings, etc) every day, my children go around hungry all the time
I go the the supermarket and fill the house and 2 days later the cupboards are bare again!
I make soups a lot and 13 liters of soup can disappear in 1-2 meals - my family isn't fat but they're very good eaters.
Our expenses should only be healthy ones Rolling Eyes
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Post  Thu, Dec 20 2007, 11:06 pm
happy2beme wrote:
things like toilet trees and papergoods

shoy, I'm not making fun, but this cracked me up!

what came to mind, was a tree- with toilet ppr rolls hanging from each branch Smile

yeah, I thought she meant a little stand, like a miniature coat tree, that you put in the bathroom to hold spare rolls handy. An excellent example of the sort of thing you could save money by not buying.
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Post  Fri, Dec 21 2007, 1:52 pm
One thing I started doing a number of years ago is ordering the local paper only on the weekend- its $1/week. This allows meto do many things: first of all the weekend edition has all the coupons, I clip all coupons and put them in a coupon organizer according to diff categories, which I keep in my pocketbook. This may seem to be a hassle but after a while its easy. I clip about $10-20 worth of coupons per week ( I obviously don't end up using all the coupons but it doesn't hurt to save them). Next I also look at all the drug store flyers- specifically rite aid - most weeks throughout the year they sell items that are 100% free with rebate- items include toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, soaps, cold medicanes, OTC medicanes, razors, shaving cream, etc.. I love going to rite aid b/c these rebates are so easy to get- no stamp- you go online to their website and enter the transaction and store number from the receipt and 2 days later tthey have your refund ( note they will only send 1 check out a month- see previous post). My avergae monthly check is about $20 ( it has been as high as $60). My main theme is to stock up- for example, we will always need toothpaste, toothbrushes and if you have a baby - you will need diapers, wipes etc for a long time. Same goes for most foods- as long as they will last until you think you will use them, then stock up!!!
Know which supermarkets in your town double coupons, I go to one specifically where they double up to $1 and I do save plenty. ( b/c I have a large stock of coupons from my paper). Also about once a month the weekend paper has a P&G coupon insert ( procter and gamble) and they have tons of coupons- for pampers, toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, shampoo, soap etc. I love that- I can save so much money with that alone.
Buy a wholesale club membership: check out if your or husbands employment offer that benefit for a reduced rate. My BJ's membership cost me only $15 instead of $35. There are 3 wholesale clubs out there that I know of- BJ's, Costco and Sam's Club. I have tryed Sam's Club and BJ's and this is my take; Bj's sends you coupon booklets in the mail every few weeks with tons ( I mean it) of in store coupons and they allow you to use the manufacturers coupons on the same item too. So: example a case of 10 boxes of puffs tissues is $9.99, then I use the BJ's store coupon for $3 off and my own manufacturers coupon for $1- ttal savings $4- and it cost me only $6!!!! Now even if I have tissues enough for a month stocked up in my house, and lets say those coupons will expire soon- I will buy that item. Honestly if you have space in your house stock up!!! Also some of you may say that you don't have the extra money for that, what I realized is that my monthly budget I am constantly stocking up for somethoing else, one month its the tissues ( b/c they are on sale ) and the next month its the paper towel. so it balances out.
I use that mentality when shopping at my local supermarket or kosher grocery, if an item is on sale and you have room to keep it, then buy it. Example rolls of gefilte fish can be costly, my local grocdery sells tham some times for $4 a roll, I will literally buy 7-8 rols and store them in my freezer. Don't be afraid to buy store brand foods when ever possbel- it will take time figuring out which items you absolutley must have the brand name- fro me its the diapers although I hear that Tartget diapers are pretty worthwhile, I found that they leaked and the pampers brand is something I must use. But there are so many areas where the store brands are so much cheaper. I like most shoprite brand products- if you have one nearby try it. I consistently use their pastas, oatmeal etc.
Buy a freezer- its the best investment for saving money. Make as much homemade as possible. I bake 5 lbs Challah once every 3 weeks and store it in my freezer. That is a money saver right there, especially for Yom tov and shabbas with guests. When I shop weekly at the store I try to have a general picture of my menus. So that for example I will not buy cottage cheese- if I don't plan on making lasagna that week. Also you can sometimes base part of your dinner menu, by whats for sale that week in the local grocery. Example: this week the cottage cheese was $1.29, so I made lasagna witha fresh salad one night. Make homemade cakes, breads, cookies, soups and freeze them. Snacks for kids for shool can become costly- I buy healthy large qauntity snaks from BJ's for the kids, such as organic choc milk in a case (small ones).
Aslo another tip- check out ebay for coupons and ghift cards, there are people seling 20% off coupons to home depot valid on any purchase up to $2000- if you are doing a home project or even buying an appliance, buy the coupon and it can save you up to $400 !!!!! Also if you need to shop at Best buy, Sears for a large purchase or so many other stores, see if you can buy a gift card from somebody on ebay for example- people are selling $100 Best buy gift card and the final price ends up being $90 with free shipping!!! Srock up those coupons we all get in the mail, for childrens place, sears, home depot, Macys etc and if you should neeed it - you will have it.
Go to the syms bash - twice a year , once in January and one at end of summer, check there website for specific dates. I stock up on men's shirts, pants, (suit sometimes), socks, inderclothes, and even coats for next year for my kids. ( Go early- shop the first day of the sale).
Did you know that the bed bath and beyond and linens n things coupons can be used at each others stores? Did you know that although they have an expiration date- THEY NEVER EVER EXPIRE? Did you know that they you can use 1 coupon per item ( 20% off one item and another 20% off coupon for item number 2) for a total of 6 items per visit? pretty amazing, right?!
Buy those Generall mills cereals when they are 4 for $6 and use a manufactures coupon for additional $1 off !! Look at Target, walmart, k mart weekly circulars for items on sale. Never be in a rush or buy on the spur of a momet, to buy those medium to large purchases - such as a video camara, camara and appliances. Watch those circulars for when these products go on sale. Wait for those special weekends when there are big sales, such as Presidents day, memorial day, Labor day and especially BLACK FRIDAY ( day after thanksgiving) if you don't mind the lines.

Stay focused! Its a lifestyle change versus the difference of buying one product over the other and GOOD LUCK!!!!
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chocolate moose


Post  Fri, Dec 21 2007, 3:02 pm
Our paper isn't a dollar, it's more like four, and the coupons therein are for the most expensive stores. Plus none of us need that goyischkeit in the house.

Amother, if it works for you, good, but I rarely stock up on anything anymore - over the years I've given away a shameful amount of shampoo, lotion, deodorant, canned stuff, that it's not worht it - when our tastes changes or when allergies kick in. I buy what I need from the dollar store when I need it.

DH HATES the big freezer - it cost money to run, and is a mess to defrost. We eat simpler - and fresher - now.

Stuff gets stale fast - even in Tupperware - so again, I buy ONLY what I need right then; even cereal or chips or Chinese noodles, or whatever the recipe I'm making calls for.
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Post  Sun, Dec 23 2007, 8:45 am
Someone once told me that the idea of shaving off a shekel (dollar, franc, euro) here and there is time consuming and frustrating and that instead of looking to cut tiny expenses one should look to increase income...that doesn't mean one should waste but the time used to "bargain shop" is sometimes not worth the effort if it requires hours, driving, gasoline, wear and tear on the car and the nerves.

Also go fight with a teenage girl and tell her that the cheapest shampoo on the market which smells like detergent is better than the good stuff that her friends use (and that really works well but is twice the price)...you will end up fighting over everything.

We eat healthy, don't buy too many prepared products (I don't make homemade pretzels or sucking candy and I won't buy toilet paper that is like sandpaper) but buy good things. Not the cheapest wines, not the cheapest sticky pastas but medium stuff even though it means buying less. It's also educational. If you don't teach children that they deserve something decent they have low self esteem as a result. One can then always cut corners with lots of homemade soups and cakes and things which save tons instead of buying packaged.
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