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Post  Mon, Jul 02 2012, 1:30 pm
Several of my friends have told me it's weird/spoiled that Mati doesn't fully play on her own and ask me to help or play along.

Their kids can occupy themselves the whole day, even at 5, because they are used like that from the beginning.

Like, I need to send to daycamp but they don't need if they don't want to, because the kids stay occupied, they draw, watch tv/movies/video games, if they're like 8 they go to park alone etc. They do one outing a week, tops 2.

I encourage playing alone but dd still asks me to "help her colouring" or play riddles or play princesses or whatever. I CANNOT have her a full day home without her becoming bored.

I realize it's very cultural, but when did your kids play alone like that?
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Post  Mon, Jul 02 2012, 1:34 pm
My daughter is 4 and an only child as of yet and she has been playing nicely by herself since she is 3.

I or my husband will do things with her here and there, but not all of the time. We will do a puzzle or read her a book when she asks but most of the time she either plays by herself at home or we organize play dates.
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