What are the best cook books?
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Post  Sun, Aug 05 2012, 11:06 am
How do communities have cookbooks?

My favs

La cuisine de nos grand mères juives polonaises, by Laurence Kersz (Polish)
La cuisine juive en Alsace, by Freddy Raphaël (Yekke, Polish and North African, we use for first two and I'm begging dh to try third one lol)
Le ricette di casa mia/ La cucina casher in una famiglia ebraica italiana, by Milka Belgrado Passigli (Italian - mix of Italki, Italian Ashkenazi, Italian Sefardi and modern Italian cuisine)
Les bonnes recettes choisies de la cuisine yiddish, by "Mamie Golde" (grandma Golde) (Polish)
Cookbook of the Jews of Greece by Nicholas Stavroulakis (Greek cookbook: Sefardi and Romaniote with a sprinkling of Ashkenazi and Italki)
Si la table m'était contée de Viviane Cohen (Sefardi tahor cookbook: S. cuisine through history)

I plan to buy
http://www.kodechonline.com/pr....._1012_1009 (kosher French high cuisine)
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