Do you have an IKEA KURA bed?

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Post  Mon, Aug 06 2012, 9:33 pm
Thinking of getting one for my boys. Do you have one? Would you recommend?
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Post  Wed, Aug 08 2012, 4:40 pm
We have one. We use it as a bunk bed. It's great for when the child on the bottom bunk is young and/or rolls alot, because there isn't far to fall. That's why we got it. Also, the top bunk is easy to reach for changing sheets, tucking in a child, etc. The biggest problem I have with the bed is that it is a little bit noisy when the child on the top bunk is climbing up and getting settled into bed. I could (and have been meaning to) put something in between the fame and the boards to muffle the noise like this:

The top bunk max weight limit is ~100lbs, so that may be a consideration for you.
The bottom bunk has very little "head room" so I can't sit up in the bottom bunk reading to my kids, but I just sit on the floor next to the bed. I have laid down in the bottom bunk, just have to watch my head when sitting up.

I'm happy with my Kura.
Got it when my kids were ~2 and 5, and my kids are now 5 and 8, bed is still working fine for us.

Good luck with your decision.
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