Easier transition from 2-3 children than 1-2?
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Post  Thu, Apr 19 2007, 1:15 am
Well, I only have 2 now, so I am not exactly giving an expert opinion but from 0 to 1 was challenging but GAN EDEN!!
but 1-2 has been tough because I can't pick up the baby every time he cries. (I.e. like I have to give the toddler a bath and there is no choice but letting the baby cry). I feel absolutely horrible about this, because I was trying to be an AP parent and felt it was almost a crime to let a baby cry for a bit LOL Now I feel differently...
However, when the baby cries, I find myself getting impatient with the older one that he should hurry up and do whatever so I can pick the baby up. This is tough...
I hope it will be easier by number 3 iy'h.!
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Post  Thu, Apr 19 2007, 4:42 am
I heard a LOT of people say that 2-3 was the hardest...so I started to take an informal poll a while ago. It was up in the air btw. 2-3 or 1-2 until I realized that those who said 2-3 had difficult #3's and those who said 1-2 had difficult #2's and easier #3's! Personally, I have 3 and found the hardest transition to be from 0-1.......and my theory still holds true - #1 was the most challenging of my babies!

(On a lighter note, my mother always says the third is the sweetest...and that convinced her (not-religious) stepsister to have a third!)
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Post  Thu, Apr 19 2007, 7:22 am
2-3 was much harder than I anticipated since I had become pretty good at juggling the needs of two at the same time, but there is no way to satisfy the needs of three. Going from 1-2 was more draining on me, but going from 2-3 was just practically much more difficult. (BTW, my kids were all pretty much equal in their level of difficulty as infants, which was not too difficult at all.)

Also, my first 2 are 13 mos apart so I never had to deal with any jealousy issues then. My kids are very, very sensitive and #3 came along it was a different story as they were turning 3 and 4.

I am pregnant with #4, so I'm trying to anticipate the challenges as best I can.
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