Any other adoptive parents out there???

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Post  Sun, Feb 25 2007, 9:20 am
I was wondering how many adoptive parents there are out there and whether, if there were enough of us, we might be able to set up our own sub-forum to discuss issues specific to this situation...

Hoping to get some replies and looking forward to hearing from you!!!

Shavua tov.

An adoptive mom
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Post  Tue, Feb 27 2007, 2:53 am
100 views, over 2000 members on this site and NO replies???

Oh well - thought I might be able to hook up with a few others but it looks like that isn't going to happen...
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Post  Tue, Feb 27 2007, 2:52 pm
I'm pretty sure there is one person on this site who is an adoptive mother. I don't know her but she mentioned it in a post. Perhaps the ATIME website has a forum for this - have you tried that?
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chocolate moose


Post  Tue, Feb 27 2007, 3:00 pm
they DO have a forum for that.
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Post  Wed, Feb 28 2007, 9:47 am
Hi there, sorry I didn't reply sooner - I have an adopted son who just turned 3. Feel free to PM me!

Looks like there isn't anyone else - it surprises me as well that no one else has replied but you can't do more than ask.....I guess we can't have a sub forum with just the 2 of us!

BTW As Choc moose said, ATIME has an adoption forum, but it isn't usually that active.
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