Anyone have a Roomba vac? Is your like infinitely better?

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Post Fri, Jul 26 2013, 2:55 pm
I am thinking of getting one because I just cannot stay on top of our floor situation. Cheerios everywhere, dust, hair, lint from the laundry...

My MIL actually said to me that she thinks they are lazy. (But of course she hires a cleaning lady!) but that's for another thread/rant!

Would you recommend it? What is the best deal you've seen?

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Post Fri, Jul 26 2013, 3:11 pm
I don't have one, but was recently researching into getting one. I saw that you can order them from Costco. If I did order one, I would get it from Costco because of the good return policy. I'm hesitant to order one because I've seen a lot of reviews of them being defective or they only last a year or so before they die. I wouldn't want to spent that much $ for something that doesn't last. I would also like to hear from others here who have one, are they worth it? Does it really work?
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Post Fri, Jul 26 2013, 6:45 pm
Yes and yes! I started a thread about it a few months ago. The best deal I found was at bed bath and beyond, using their 20% off coupon. It has made me so much calmer when the kids are awake, because I know that as soon as I tuck them in I can turn on that magical machine and it will make the day's mess disappear. And I tend to get very stressed when the house is messy, so I enjoy the peace of mind it brings when I look around in the evening and all is clean. I love that I can do a million other things in the time it would have taken to clean the floors that thoroughly. And you can't beat the effort!
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