Parnassa: Money given/money taken away
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Post  Wed, Aug 17 2005, 8:15 pm
I am not missing his point, rather I am reading all of it, not just the emphasis on Bitachon.
He seems to put life into two categories: either you worry or you buy a big car.

He wrote:
Bitachon means relying on Hashem to take care of accounts.

Relying on Hashem, not expecting Hashem to provide you with your hearts desire.

He also wrote:
so why be cheap? Let me be expansive! ....We don’t need to be frugal.

and I would like to add that Hashem's generosity to you right now is no excuse to ignore tikun hamidos and the effects of your big spending on someone else who isn't blessed at this time.
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Post  Wed, Aug 17 2005, 9:52 pm
What he said was NOT just an EMPHASIS on bitachon. He was talking about bitachon.

And your understanding of bitachon is different than his.

There's a thread on this in the Judaism section:


maybe my post from this rabbi should have posted there instead of here

I don't want to repeat that whole thread here. Please click on the link to continue the bitachon discussion there. I'll just respond to the point you make here about "expecting"

The non-Chassidic understanding of bitachon is that it means trusting that Hashem is in charge of everything, nothing happens if He does not will it to happen. In this view, Hashem is not beholden to you by virtue of your trust.

In the Chassidic view of bitachon, if a person trusts that Hashem will provide him with parnasa or health or whatever it is, Hashem will respond with that which the person seeks.

but please, any further comments on bitachon go in the bitachon thread and comments about parnasa go here
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Post  Thu, Aug 18 2005, 7:27 am
isn't it if Hashem feels that you need it he will give it to you and if he doesn't feel that way he won't give it to you how can we say that what ever we want in parnassa wise Hashem will respond to us and give it to us that is not bitochon in Hashem?
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Post  Thu, Aug 18 2005, 10:05 am
supermom wrote:
that is not bitochon in Hashem?

please click on the link to the bitachon thread that I posted
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