ISO educational/thinking toy recommendations for 2.5 yr old
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Post  Wed, Jan 01 2014, 6:04 pm
amother wrote:
Thanks Ladies!
It really sounds like magnatiles are the way to go. But what can kids make with them other than houses and cubes? That's all I've really seen kids make with them.
Also, is the 32 piece set enough or should I get the 100 piece set?

my dd (age 4) made a castle out of them yesterday. my ds (age 10) was trying to connect the triangular pieces in a circle and then pull them up into a sphere (it didnt work but he kept trying different ways of accomplishing this and I think that's an excellent way to get kids familiar with geometry and physics). then my 6 yo (after waiting somewhat patiently for his turn) lined them all up and created roads for his cars.
there's something about the colors (get the clear ones, so much prettier) and the click-y sound that is so soothing.
and if you do get magnatiles, get the 100-set. I'm saving up for a second set.

wooden trains are great too. you can add on every year, so when someone wants to get dc a small-ish gift they can buy a train or a few pieces of track. it adds up pretty quickly. I wonder if you can find additional tracks on ebay. I think I will have a look.

we have kapla, I love it and can build with it for hours. my kids, not so much. all they like to do is stack it in towers, which is fun, and then they dont touch it for six months.

we also have wedgits, never really hit it off here. clicks are a hit, but not so much with my younger ones.
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Post  Wed, Jan 01 2014, 7:30 pm
My magnatiles set is coming tomorrow! My 3 yo dd doesn't like building things, so I thought she wouldn't like them. But recently I've seen her play with magnatiles at a number of homes, so I exchanged other gifts from both kids for magnatiles. My 1 yo also loves magnatiles and they can play with it together.

I also second a train set. Get a good quality wood one that your children can use for years.
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Post  Wed, Jan 01 2014, 7:45 pm
I'm another one for magnatiles. Of all the toys my 3 and 5 yr old have, the magnatiles are by far their favorite, most used toy. They use it together with other toys, and they never ever get bored of it. I got the first set last chanuka (100 piece) this chanuka I got them the deluxe set which is 48 pieces and then on Black Friday I found a crazy deal for $80 so got another set which I'm saving!!! Even when older kids come to our house they enjoy playing with them!!
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Post  Wed, Jan 01 2014, 8:17 pm
DD loves magnatiles. She asks my in-laws to add to her collection every year either for her birthday or Chanukah. She started with the 100 piece set and then got smaller sets. Her most recent acquisition was the DX set that comes with wheels and "imagination pieces" so she can build more of a variety of things.

She likes to build castles and rocket ships and apartment buildings and garages and houses and weird shapes that she calls sculptures. It's great for imaginative play.
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