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Post  Mon, Jul 04 2005, 11:46 am
Motek wrote:
In another scenario, after the class gasped and you explained that the reason you pronounced it that way was because, as Rashi says, it was chol, you could have then re-read the pasuk and said "Hashem" and taught the other pshat in Rashi. You could have shown them both explanations and taught them that the word is sometimes chol and sometimes kodesh.

Right you are. I guess I wasn't thinking! I was just trying to give a "successful" lesson, and in doing that missed the point. Often in life I catch myself doing the same thing. My daughter had to give a speech for her school. I was trying to help her with some intellectual ideas, but she kept saying she needs a story. In the end she gave a successful speech because she discarded all my ideas and spoke from her heart.
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