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Post  Wed, May 30 2007, 12:41 pm
For all those out there withmore experiance than me I have a q.
I have a 2 1/2 yr old and a 7 month old . I want to give them a both together in order to establish a routine before bed. The 21/2 yr old always gets a bath before bed.
my questioni is how do I do this with the 7 month old and the 2 1/2 yrold together.

I put them both in t/g . then I hold the 7 month old wash him and then hes ready to go out. but the 2/12 yr old still needs to be washed andi cant go out and dress the 7 month old and leave the older one alone.
I have a tiny tiny bathroom counter so I cannot dress him on there at all.
any tips???
how do you do it?
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Post  Wed, May 30 2007, 12:47 pm
bring all the clothing you need to dress the 7 month old. diapers and pj's . dress him right there. let him play on the floor with some toys while you clean the other one.
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Post  Wed, May 30 2007, 12:55 pm
I've brought an infant seat into the bathroom, wrapped the baby in the towel, and placed him in the seat until I was able to dress him.
a 7 month old is a bit bigger and probably wouldn't fit in a seat or swing- can you place him safely on a bed or couch until you're able to attend to him?
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Post  Wed, May 30 2007, 12:55 pm
Yes, that's exactly what I do...when they are both of a certain age and if they are the same gender, maybe you can bathe them together? (maybe in another few months). The clothes are in the hall because my bathroom is too small, but I open the door and dress the baby while the other one is in the tub (he's 3 1/2, so it isn't so worrying with him in the bath, as long as I can see him). If the baby is cranky it is really hard...but often he manages fine without crying..
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Post  Wed, May 30 2007, 1:05 pm
use a bath ring (something like this http://www.babyant.com/bh012043.html) and then you don't have to hold the baby, so they can stay in the same time.
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Post  Wed, May 30 2007, 2:03 pm
We put them in together. If we are both home than one of us dresses the first one out, but sometimes I tell dh (who is in charge of bath) that I can't help because I am cooking something that needs continual attention (or soemthing) and then he just makes sure the little one has a diaper. During the summer, when its warm that should be fine. Just diaper in the bathroom and put baby in a bouncy chair rightoutside the bathroom door...
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Post  Tue, Jun 05 2007, 11:36 pm
if the 7 month old can sit up then u can use a bath seat for him and he can stay in the bath till ur ready to take out the older one.
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Post  Wed, Jun 06 2007, 3:22 pm
My first 2 were 20 months apart. Once the baby grew out of the infant tub I tried a few ways to do bathtime together, this is what worked for me.

-collect everything you need to dry, moisturize, diaper and dress them and bring to bathroom.

-put towel out on bathroom floor for baby to play on

-bathe 2yo, leave her in bathtub with some bath toys.

-put in the baby and bathe him

-take out and dress the baby, put him back on the floor towel.

-take out and dress 2yo.

I also made a big deal about how 2yo is so big, she gets such a long bath, the baby is little and gets a short bath. Helped her want to stay in for so long and also made her feel special.
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