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Post  Fri, Apr 24 2015, 5:28 pm
I want to buy a cotton candy maker for use in a classroom activity. I read the reviews of the Nostalgia electric one, and people are very unhappy with it.
Can anyone recommend one that is affordable and would be usable with a second grade class for an activity?
Also, where can you buy the superfine sugar and paper cones?
thanks in advance!
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Post  Sat, Apr 25 2015, 11:24 pm
Such a cute idea! I'd love to know as well.....
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Post  Sat, Apr 25 2015, 11:41 pm
I got this one in amazon for purim
BELLA 13572 Cotton Candy Maker, Red and White
Sold by: SunnyParadise

I used my regular sugar. It worked good, just takes a long time to make each one so we prepared some before the party and made some more at the party.
My kids had a fun time making them.

I bought the cones on amazon too.
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Post  Sun, Apr 26 2015, 3:02 am
Just what the kids need, more sugar. How about a fondue thingy for veggies and cheese instead. Just saying. Or waffles with melted real fruit jelly.
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Post  Sun, Apr 26 2015, 3:06 am
Perhaps you can rent one? We've done this for school activities.
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Post  Sun, Apr 26 2015, 5:22 am
The home cotton candy makers are not that great IME. They take forever and break quickly. Try to rent a commercial machine if you can... or think of another activity.
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Post  Sat, Jan 05 2019, 8:14 pm
Bumping this

Ds won a cotton candy machine. What’s the best sugar for it and where can I find it in Brooklyn?

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