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Post  Tue, Jun 12 2007, 8:57 pm
Gosh I hope no one takes offense at this, but I just had to express my feelings (and I had no idea in which topic folder) of respect and awe to all of the women out there who are raising children on their own.

Sadly, of course, I most often feel this when my husband is away and I realize just how poorly I am handling myself!

My dh left for the west coast this morning (Tues) and will not be back until Fri. We moved last week and I returned to an old job from which I had been telcommuting. I was suppossed to be able to go into the office all week, but on Sun my dd had a Febrile Seizure and, given how scary this was, I am nervous with the babysitter we hired for the 2 wks until camp starts. So I spent today working from home...which of course meant the kids were all over me. I am 28 weeks pregnant and my sleep cycle is totally off. So of course, this evening. I totally lost it (I mean crazy screaming mad) at my kids. (of course I turned around and the 3 yr old was pulling the 1.5 yr old's hair to get her off his tricycle...the he spilled rhe bag od pasta all over the kitchen floor).

This tired, with so much to do every night--I just wanted to say a hearty YASHER KOACH to all of those women who manage this without the ability to say, well at least I can ask dh to help when he gets home.
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Post  Tue, Jun 12 2007, 9:00 pm
thanks...but we all have our days.. Esp since my kids do not start camp until the end of the month!! I am going crazy, because I have to work cannot work from home... I am dreading thursday (last day for my oldest kids).

Just breathe and know your husband will be home soon... Ask someone for help, esp since your preg and your child had a seizure, that is scary

Hazlocha and hugs you will make it through
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Post  Tue, Jun 12 2007, 9:09 pm
I know I only have to deal for a few days...and my job is really understanding to let me work from home more (of course, I have been telecommuting for the last 11 months)

I just think that those of us who have the dh support should be thankful. I don't have the world's easiest marriage, and that is mostly my own fault and moments like these inspire me to just work a little harder in the day to day stuff.

Please G-d Mitzvah Mom you should soon find yourself a great partner (I always like your posts!).

Good luck until camp!
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chocolate moose


Post  Tue, Jun 12 2007, 9:39 pm
AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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