Double Wall oven (electric) vs Double oven, standing (gas)

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Post  Mon, Jun 08 2015, 10:56 am
Im redoing the kitchen. I was ready to get a double oven (standing) bec after years of having a double wall oven with problems from day one, and I couldnt replace it because wall ovens have to replaced with wall ovens of identical dimensions, and standing ovens are so much easier to replace.

BUT now Im hearing that having to bend down to put food in and out of a standing oven requires bending all the time, and the larger of the two double gas standing ovens is smaller than each of the double wall ovens. Im almost thinking I ought to go with the double electric wall oven (my current one is gas, but they dont make gas wall ovens any more).

I just read a thread where people said gas ovens produce better results.

Anything anyone can tell me to help me decide? Has anyone considered both, and decided and are happy or unhappy with what they chose.
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Post  Mon, Jun 08 2015, 11:21 am
Actually electric ovens are preferable to gas ovens because of the evenness of heat. That is why many top of the line stoves have gas burners and an electric true convection oven. That combines the best of both worlds since gas burners are preferred by a lot of people because you have more instantaneous reaction from adjusting the flame. However, ironically, electric burners do have certain advantages over gas (especially good ones) since they simmer foods better.

Double wall ovens are absolutely going to be better than a stove with ovens in the bottom. A good carpenter can do amazing stuff in terms of retrofitting cabinets to adjust slightly for size differences.

The reason they don't make gas wall ovens anymore is because there is no demand for them since almost everyone agrees that electric ovens are superior.

And yes, having lower ovens is much less comfortable than eye level wall ovens. I remember my poor mother literally had to lie on the floor because the broiler drawer was on the bottom of the stove when I was growing up. Smile But even with a regular stove, it's just more comfortable not to have to bend and lift.
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Post  Mon, Jun 08 2015, 11:24 am
I had both - both were GEs.

I started with a free standing double oven. Since I wanted both to be self clean, the larger oven was on the bottom. I found that I was literally sitting on the floor when I had to put in or take something out of that oven. If I didn't have room for a wall double oven when I redid the kitchen I would have stuck with it since it was better than one oven.

I find that every oven cooks differently - even my two wall ovens are different. I can't say gas over electric was better.
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