Do you have life insurance?
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Do you and/or your husband have life insurance (with you/husband as beneficiary)?
Yes, we both have.
 57%  [ 32 ]
Yes, one of us has.
 23%  [ 13 ]
No, neither of us have, it's too expensive.
 7%  [ 4 ]
No, neither of us have, we never got around to it/thought of it.
 10%  [ 6 ]
Other, explain below.
 1%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 56



Post  Mon, Jul 02 2007, 4:10 pm
amother wrote:
...Thanx MD mom, I consider it a big compliment. B"EH you will never need it. Besides, don't you know with our big move we will be hitting it rich Wink

very funny. you need to be careful what you say. if dh agrees to get life ins, you guys might be the lucky ones. although, with Hashem's help, it should never have to go past the discussion stage.
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