ADHD mom, ADHD kids... any hope to calm the chaos???

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Post  Wed, Mar 30 2016, 7:44 am
Can anyone share household management tips for a mom who has always struggled with organizational skills, and just when I thought I was making progress.... along come some cute but verrrrrry disorganized ADHD kids? 😖😖
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Post  Wed, Mar 30 2016, 11:15 am
Sorry I can't give tips Im equally challenged. Will be following for tips.

But I will say something that has helped me.
Focus on your strengths and appreciate them!!!
Don't compare yourself to other people. Do what works for you.
And there are skills you can learn. - I hesitate to higher an orgsisation expert - we don't have the $$$$ now and also for fear of criticism.
If you can afford it perhaps they can help out by setting things up for you - but don't compare yourself to them. It's a different strength - just use their expertise.

There are also books to read
Smart and scattered.
... And others on time / household management ...
It's best to pick and choose what works for you.
Find your strengths and use appreciate them !!!!
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Post  Wed, Mar 30 2016, 1:18 pm
I currently have another few tabs open, researching this exact topic... before I noticed your post


The one above is SO validating!
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Post  Tue, Apr 05 2016, 2:06 am
Mom with ADHD here. My best tip is quite specific. On Fridays I keep a timer going all day long. Every twenty minutes it rings and I acknowledge it aloud and then re-set it for twenty minutes. It is my signal to review the previous 20 minutes' accomplishments (or lack thereof?) and set a goal or two for the next 20 min. ("Season the cholent, and check on baths progress.")

DH calls it my 'Yaavetz timer' because apparently there is a story about the Yaavetz hiring somebody to remind him on a regular basis that time was passing. Like every half or quarter of an hour. This is a nice way to channel 'I am so righteous' instead of 'I need this crutch to help me function' LOL.

I also have a complete Shabbos checklist posted on a wall. (I made it small so it's pretty unobtrusive and can stay up all week.) And also my complete cholent recipe because I hate forgetting an essential ingredient. ("Surprise! Bean-free cholent this week.")

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Post  Tue, Apr 05 2016, 6:22 am
Story of my life. Lists are good. Especially when I take a few extra minutes to prioritize them so that I do the most important things first.

In classic ADHD fashion, I make mine on little scraps of paper, so I have to have a couple of list keeping places. It feels good to check things off.

Reminders are good. I program alarms into my phone, and give the kids 10 and 5 and 2 minute warnings.

Forgiveness is good. We do the best we can,and tomorrow is another day.
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Post  Tue, Apr 05 2016, 10:45 am
checklists. alarms. hang whiteboards in the kids rooms, kitchen, etc and have dry-erase markers handy at each location. have calendars/planners hanging in each of those rooms too.
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Post  Mon, Jul 04 2016, 7:16 pm
Great post! It is so reassuring to see that there are other Frum women that also struggle with home management.

I recently joined a chatzos group, where women share tips and give eachother encouragement for prepare for Shabbos earlier. I just started, but just being in the group has made me start preparing for Shabbos earlier in the week. I think that earlier preparation makes the overall process feel calmer.
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Post  Wed, May 02 2018, 2:12 pm
Get help. Have a list for her to do anything that you don’t like to do. Your life will be very organized and on time. The reason we don’t do things and procrastinate is because there are things that we don’t like to do, and our brain is set up not to have gas to do it when it doesn’t interest us. If you get that out of the way then things will go very smoothly and you won’t leave things till absolutely the last second. It’s priority for you it’s not an extra, this type of help is a must not a luxury like most will think. And I agree with the post that said never compare yourself, focus on your strengths and I can guarantee that you have many many strength that are not common.
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