Mothers who left Israel: do you regret it? (long)
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Post Tue, May 24 2016, 12:22 pm
amother wrote:
OP here. You sound like you're a very spiritual, thinking person. I'm sure you will raise a strong family wherever you are.

What's funny is that my family is very accepted in our current community - no problem getting my kids into school, large circle of friends etc. In our community we don't have as much of those "dumb" rules (eg. all the women drive). It's more the schools - their approach to chinuch, the lack of professionalism, the questionable safety standards - that are driving me crazy.

We'd definitely consider an OOT community. After living in EY for 10 years, I don't think I could handle the materialism and standards in some of the more in-town places.

Hi! Since it looks like you are getting a lot of great advice from women that have made the transition from EY back to the States, I wanted to share some information about the OOT community that I am living in currently. I live in South Bend, IN (2 hours east of Chicago) which is a growing Torah community with a low cost of living, Torah Day School (with State Tuition Vouchers) Girls Bais Yaakov High School, two Orthodox Shuls, Mikvah, Eruv, and great job opportunities. We actually have an organization here called Community Development Imitative (CDI) South Bend www.cdisouthbend.com that has a full time Executive Director that focuses on finding people jobs so they can move to South Bend. In terms of worrying about jobs for your husband IT is needed in our area and it costs a lot less to live here vs a larger city so check us out! Feel free to PM me with any more questions and good luck!
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Post Sun, Jul 25 2021, 12:59 pm
Hi OP,

I don't know if you'll see this since it's a super old thread, but I'm going through a similar situation now - been here 11 years and considering moving back. Did you end up making the move? I'd love to hear from you how you're doing now.

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