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Post  Fri, Aug 17 2007, 1:03 pm
Did anyone see this movie?

I took it out for my kids to watch and was APPALLED! This is geared for the 5-10 age group I would say, they s-xed up the movie in the extreeeeeme - the school teachers, the little girls, the camera zooming in and focusing on female body parts. Its like training wheels to american little boys for the [filth] industry.

I don't let my children watch the animated disney movies because I feel they are rated R conceptually, and usually have found disney's movies with real people rather innocent.

What did you think?
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Post  Fri, Aug 17 2007, 1:18 pm
I haven't seen this movie in particular but I am sure I'd agree with you. the Disney cartoons are appalling, and it's almost impossible to find even a G-rated movie that doesn't have something in it that's inappropriate for yiddishe kinder. The industry is obviously tarting up the films to make them appeal to the baser instincts of the adults who are taking the children to the movies. Language you couldn't use on radio 40 years ago finds its way into G-rated films, and both language and behavior that got you an R rating when I was a kid can be seen on prime-time TV. -Either American society no longer considers them offensive, or American society no longer cares whom it offends.
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Post  Fri, Aug 17 2007, 1:19 pm
Amother because I have to be or I would cause someone extreme embarrasment if they knew it was me (complicated).
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