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Post  Sun, Aug 26 2007, 9:02 pm
New season starts Sept 30th


The 4th season of Desperate Housewives begins in 35 DAYS, on September 30.

August 26 -- "Bang" (originally aired November 5, 2006)
September 2 -- "Getting Married Today"
September 9 -- Preempted by "Meet the Fockers"
September 16 -- Preempted by "Anchorman"

(Episode 4-1) September 30
Directed by Larry Shaw

We learn what happened in the immediate aftermath of the season finale, and then the action moves forward to a month later.

Edie appears in the season premiere, and DH creator Marc Cherry describes her appearance as "amazing" while also saying they've done something "unusual" with Edie. News about Edie spreads around Wisteria Lane.

Dana Delany and Nathan Fillion are joining the show as Katherine and Adam Mayfair, a married couple who will be living in Mike's former home. Last season, we met Mike's landlady Mrs. Sims, and Katherine is her aunt. Lyndsy Fonseca has signed on as Katherine's daughter Dylan Mayfair. Delany and Fonseca will be series regulars while Fillion is on recurring status.

The women are together as they watch the new family move into their home. Look for Katherine's entire family to show up; they include Dylan, her 17 year old daughter who may be as boy crazy as Danielle, and Katherine's husband Adam, a gynecologist. Adam is not Dylan's biological father; he's significantly younger than Katherine.

Dylan doesn't like her bedroom, but Katherine resists Dylan's attempt to get into a locked room, which she claims isn't better than the one Dylan's been given. Katherine remembers the room from when she lived there before. Katherine's husband Adam is shocked by his wife's outburst about the locked room. After this incident, Dylan goes to her bedroom and plays her violin intensely, ending up with a stream of blood running from her wrist. Although Dylan lived on Wisteria Lane and Julie knew her as a child, she doesn't remember the bike accident that Julie recalls. She goes so far as to claim she didn't learn to ride a bike til she moved to Chicago. In flashbacks, five year olds Dylan and Julie talk about what they'd like to be when they grow up. Katherine is an old friend of Susan's, but she doesn't get along with the other women.

At her gynecologist's office, Susan's mortified to learn that her regular doctor is out and her substitute is . . . her new neighbor Adam. With her feet in stirrups and his head buried in her crotch, Susan has trouble relaxing. Susan is pregnant!

Lynette's losing hair and energy thanks to her cancer. She uses a wig to mask her hair issues but getting past fatigue is harder. She's supposed to chair a pancake supper. The woman who reminds Lynette of this duty doesn't care for Lynette's excuses, and eventually Lynette's forced to admit her problem. Parker is playing Friar Tuck in a school production of Robin Hood. Lynette's mom appears in the episode. Mrs. McCluskey appears as well.

An elderly woman wants to touch Bree's "pregnant" belly, even as Bree claims to be sensitive. Bree gets physical with the woman when she tries to pat Bree's belly despite the warning.

Gabrielle's shoe shopping with Vern. She's worried about money but doesn't think she can get a decent job. Gabrielle and Carlos kiss. Look for the affair to continue.

EPISODE 4-2 October 7

A woman arrives at a birthday party for a drunk teenage boy. Despite her pregnancy, she's mistaken for a stripper. She's looking for one of her children.

Bree fakes a pleasant attitude when talking to Katherine. She hopes to get a recipe from Katherine, who refuses to share the special ingredient in her lemon meringue pie. Katherine, whose homemaking skills are as backside-retentive as Bree's, thinks Bree's mood shifts are because of her pregnancy.

A man, possibly Carlos, hires a man he apparently met in prison to take care of a woman, possibly Edie. Since the man being hired doesn't want to go back to prison, the man hiring his services offers him a huge financial incentive to do what he wants.

Susan, Bree, and Gabrielle join Lynette at the hospital for chemo. They've brought music and brownies. One of Lynette's friends doesn't respond well to Lynette's illness.

EPISODE 4-3 October 14

Susan sees an ob/gyn at a grimy, skeezy looking doctor's office located in a strip mall. She's there at the recommendation of a friend, but finds it's not what she expected. In the waiting room, someone warns Susan to make sure the nurse joins her when she goes back with the doctor, but when Susan is called back by the doctor, the doctor tells the nurse to take her break. The ob/gyn is not Katherine's husband, by the way.

Andrew is involved in Lynette's cancer storyline in this episode.

While Adam washes his car, a s-xy young woman jogs by, playfully tells him he missed a spot, and then jogs away.


Susan meets the new couple living on the block. When she learns the men are life partners, she assures them she loves that. She does watch a lot of cable, after all! One of the men, Lee, a fashion conscious guy, isn't happy to be living in the suburbs and he and Susan clash. His partner Bob Hunter is a buttoned down man. Bob is played by Tuc Watkins while Lee is played by Kevin Rahm, and the roles will be recurring.

There's yet another gynecologist we haven't met before. While examining one of the women, possibly Edie, he finds something. Then he reveals the bullet she's been dodging for years has finally hit her.

When Lynette's wig gets ripped by the dog, she takes it to the wig store and learns it will take a week to repair. Lynette's not happy to learn this.

A deliveryman brings a motorbike to the Van De Kamp home. It's apparently a gift for Danielle. Bree visits Danielle at the convent.


Gabrielle questions a 12 year old who's mowing her lawn. She asks him about the van parked across the street. Gabrielle believes it's a friend of her husband's, and she claims her husband is irrationally jealous.

Danielle is with her grandmother, Phyllis. (That's Rex's mom, as played by Shirley Knight, who we met for the first time in the first 3 episodes of season 2.) Phyllis's accomodations are probably better for Danielle than the convent, as Phyllis's townhouse has a pool. Paramedics arrive at the townhouse, as Phyllis pressed her medical alert button. Though Orson and Bree claim Phyllis went for a walk, the paramedics overhear the elderly woman shouting about being kidnapped.

One week after her last checkup, a woman we've never met before visits Adam again, claiming to have found a lump in her breast. What she's really after is getting Adam's hands on her breasts again, and Adam seems happy to give the twenty-something woman what she wants.

A woman, possibly Edie, tells a P.I. she hired that she's always avoided falling in love with the men in her life, but now that she has, she's been hurt. She has a photograph on hand. As she makes out a check to the P.I., the woman cries.


Bree tries but fails to stop her friends from throwing her a baby shower. Her mother in law Phyllis shows up during the baby shower thanks to Andrew.

While at a BBQ, Orson accidentally stabs a BBQ fork into Bree's belly; she doesn't feel it because of the padding. Will she be caught in her lies?

Every member of the new family is hiding something. Katherine has changed a lot since she last lived on Wisteria Lane. Although Katherine claims to have moved back to take care of her dying aunt, she actually left Chicago because of something scandalous that happened with Adam at work. (Spoilers for the fifth episode hint at one possibility for what happened.) Katherine is going to be the kind of character you'll love to hate.

Susan tries to settle down to married life, but it's easier said than done. Mike attempts to be a father figure to Julie, who's not used to his presence. Susan worries Mike's not as happy as he should be.

We'll find out why Bree is faking a pregnancy.

At some point Julie may have a new love interest.

Mary Alice appears in person, in flashbacks.

John Slattery will be back as Gabrielle's husband Victor for roughly the first half of the season. Look for Gabrielle to continue her secret affair with Carlos.

Nicollette Sheridan is returning as Edie.

Just because Lynette has cancer, that doesn't mean her marital problems will vanish. Obviously, Lynette survives the cancer, but the point of the story is how she, her friends, and her family respond to it. Look for Polly Bergen to stick around for a while as Lynette's mom Stella Wingfield.

We may see a flashback featuring a young Lynette.

Midway through the season, someone is going to die. (Yes, we realize this is the vaguest spoiler ever; mid-season deaths in previous seasons have included Jane, Nora, Alma, George, Carolyn, Juanita, Monroe, Mrs. Huber, and Rebecca.) Best bets for deaths include Gabrielle's husband Victor and/or Katherine's husband Adam, as neither of the men is expected to be a series regular.

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Post  Mon, Aug 27 2007, 8:14 am
I have no idea why this post was reported...........
..as for me, I misunderstood the title altogether , and was expecting ways to spoil my dh!
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Post  Mon, Aug 27 2007, 8:28 am
I'm not the one that reported it, but I'm guessing cuz this is a frum forum, and TV is not the most frum thing...
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Post  Mon, Aug 27 2007, 8:31 am
I changed the title. I hope that helps.
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Post  Mon, Aug 27 2007, 9:02 am
It's not just a TV show, but a very racy one. Not that I've seen it, but I've seen the ads on the bus and the billboards. That's more than enough.
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Post  Mon, Aug 27 2007, 9:53 am
hey I saw it last week ... and nothing made any sense ... they seemed to change it that much ...

hey apparently enough of us watch tv ... instead of reporting it ... ignore it ... you shouldn't be looking if you don't watch ... and excuse it as questioning what others do ...
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Post  Mon, Aug 27 2007, 12:52 pm
LOL - when I saw this thread with the old title, I also thought DH stood for "dear husband"...but I did understand "spoilers" as in the Harry Potter type...so I was like shock what do you know about my DH that I don't?!?! shock LOL
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Post  Tue, Aug 28 2007, 1:45 am
thanks for posting whats going to happen!! I cant wait for the new season to start!!! I LOVE DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES!!
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Post  Tue, Aug 28 2007, 12:12 pm
DH & I are huge Desperate Housewives fans. We don't have a TV so we watch it online on Mondays. I skipped all the way through your spoilers. I don't want to know what's going to be. But thanks anyway!
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Post  Wed, Sep 19 2007, 9:30 pm
Where did you watch it online? abc? I watched all there but I guess is only the season 3, is there a website to watch the previous seasons?
Please let me know, I love it!!!
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