Turn gift cards to cash?

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Post  Mon, Dec 26 2016, 6:16 pm
We recently celebrated a (kid related) simcha and the birth of our baby very close together. Many generous people gave us gift cards for the occasion, but we have everything we need for the baby and our kids don't need more "stuff". We are big on putting money into savings for each of our children for their futures. So I have 2 questions...

- Would it be inappropriate for us to just use the cards for whatever we or our family need (they were grocery store/VISA type gift cards) and then put that sum into the relevant child's bank account? None of the givers specified who or what the money should go toward, so I don't think it would be underhanded to do so but just want to make sure.

- If you think it's OK, would it be "off" to write in the thank you note how much we appreciated having what to put in our kids' accounts, etc? Would you feel annoyed if you gave a gift card and then were told that it was put into savings?

On a logical level, it doesn't seem wrong but still feels a bit weird to me, like I'd feel uncomfortable writing the thank you notes. So I figured I'd turn to the wise imamothers and see what you all think.
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Post  Mon, Dec 26 2016, 6:24 pm
You're welcome to use the money however you want. I don't see anything wrong with buying regular stuff for your family and putting the "equivalent" money into a savings account for your kids.

However I wouldn't say that in a thank you card. I would just say something like, "thank you for the gift and being a part of our simcha. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and it was wonderful to see you at the party...."
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Post  Mon, Dec 26 2016, 6:25 pm
Mazal tov!

I think it is totally ok to put the money into savings for the child(ren).

No need to specify savings vs. spending in the note, but Visa gift cards are just a "nicer" way to give cash, so I can't imagine why the giver would be offended. You could say that you are saving it for "something important," if you do not want to specify the child's college fund, for example.

Some cash cards have high monthly fees, so best to spend them or cash them out right away, unless you know for sure they are fee-free.
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Post  Mon, Dec 26 2016, 11:47 pm
agree with the other people who responded- it's fine to use the gift cards however you want. write a typical thank you, but I don't think it's necessary to specify what you put it towards. I would be happy to know the money was going towards savings for the children, but it's not necessary to tell people.
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