Chanukah grab bag ideas for under $5

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Post  Tue, Dec 27 2016, 12:49 pm
Our family is having a Chanukah party and grab bag on motzei Shabbos. We were asked to bring a $5 gift for a grab bag and then we would exchance gifts, not sure of the details. The children would have their own grab bag, so this $5 gift would be for adults. Any suggestions. I know it is difficult to find anything these days in the $5 range, but it's more the fun of it than the value of the prize. Suggestions, please. TIA!
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Post  Tue, Dec 27 2016, 12:59 pm
magazine, bottle of scented lotion, cute mug, chocolate bars, potpourri.
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Post  Tue, Dec 27 2016, 1:07 pm
Lottery tickets
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Post  Tue, Dec 27 2016, 1:08 pm
$5 gift card... amazon, target
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Post  Tue, Dec 27 2016, 1:27 pm
Cute pair of socks
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Post  Tue, Dec 27 2016, 1:39 pm
What ages are the children? I got my niece a pom pom key chain for $5....they seem to be "in" this year among middle school girls in the NY area. My niece promptly put it on her briefcase.

ETA. My apologies, I need to stop skipping words. I see this is for the adults. Maybe a cute kitchen gadget? Bath soaps? Chocolate.

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Post  Tue, Dec 27 2016, 1:41 pm
Maybe a tiny potted plant, a scented candle, a scented bar of soap, a box of stationary (I see nice but cheap sets sometimes in Target or Michael's, if you have those stores near you). Chocolates would be my favorite in the $5 range though. Can never go wrong with chocolates.
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Post  Tue, Dec 27 2016, 5:02 pm
5 Kitchen tools from the dollar store. Or one kitchen gadget in that price range
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Post  Tue, Dec 27 2016, 5:23 pm
Nail Polish
Mini Spa Set
Pretty Travel Size Notebook
Rubix Cube
Card Game
Travel Size Mancala
Tassel Key Chain Phone Charger
Leather Key Chain
Warm Car Wheel Cover
Chewy Rice Crispy Treat Package
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Post  Tue, Dec 27 2016, 6:35 pm
I second lottery tickets (scratchers). Those are the best!
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