Organized people: What are your kids' clothes in?
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Post  Fri, Dec 30 2016, 1:22 pm
OK sorry for the multiple thread bombardment, but let's make this the master thread.

Everyone come share ideas (and if possible, pictures) of your kids' clothes setup that WORKS. I.e. it can't just look nice for the picture or after you've tidied up, it needs to be the kind of organized that maintains itself because whoever is putting away laundry can easily get things to the right places, and whoever is taking stuff out doesn't need to turn anything upside-down to find it, including an independently dressing 4-year-old.

And, in case you're really good at organizing but your solution isn't going to work for me and you're kind enough to help me troubleshoot, here's my situation:
- 2 little girls with room to grow for at least a couple of years
- Very very small space. Right now they have a narrow closet for hanging clothes (yes, I have two bars - the top bar is DH's shirts!) The negotiable space for this is a tight 40" of wall space on one wall, and about 35" on another wall. This space needs to be shared with some of my stuff and some of DH's, so I'm figuring what the kids can reach can be theirs and the tops can be ours.
- We also have an existing closet that is drawers on bottom and shelves on top that is currently mine and DH's (with most of the shelves actually games and stuff) that could theoretically be swapped around, but I think it will work better to keep that and keep the kids in the new things on the other walls. Especially because the drawers don't pull out far enough which is annoying enough for me so it probably won't work for the kids. It's a modular IKEA closet so I can probably replace the drawers with shelves if needed.
- Each child needs space to keep:
1. School shirts
2. non-school shirts
3. headbands etc
4. socks
5. tights/leggings
6. panties
7. skirts
8. sweaters
9. shells
10. pajamas
11. some space for their personal stuff, but that doesn't necessarily have to be in the bedroom, that would just be nice. I could fantasize about making over the living room where they currently have their stuff also...
12. I had cute thoughts about making a shelving situation that would leave an empty space on the bottom for small laundry hampers instead of having those float around the room, but I'm losing hope of that.
13. Am I forgetting stuff?

Please help, I've been slowly losing my mind as we've gradually outgrown the old dresser. I can't keep up with keeping it straight because it's not intuitive enough for the others to maintain, plus there really isn't enough room for everything in the current setup (bigger kids = bigger clothes) so I end up half the time just giving up in defeat and then the clothes start creeping out and attacking me in my sleep.
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Post  Fri, Dec 30 2016, 1:39 pm
I don't know if this helps but I try to only keep one or two non uniform weekday clothing in their drawers. I put the rest in "storage" and take it out when older dd has winter break or whatever so that their room isn't cluttered with clothing she won't be wearing anyway.
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Post  Fri, Dec 30 2016, 1:52 pm
My favorite keeping neat tip is keeping everything on hangers. Uniform shirts, t-shirts, shells, shirts, sweaters...
One drawer separate bins for panties, undershirts, socks, tights.
One shelf with 3 bins for pajamas (includes leggings). No stacking high piles. Kids need to take pj's that are on top that day.
One shelf with plastic drawer for prizes (or plastic drawer under bed).
Headbands in plastic drawers in cupboards beneath the bathroom sink.
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Post  Fri, Dec 30 2016, 1:57 pm
I put my kids clothes in rubbermaid drawers on bottom of closet. They can get themselves cuz it is clear drawers..also, shoes and hairstuff can go in shoe hanger that u hang over the door of room...and I only have 3 uniform sets per kid...I would put underwear and socks and tights in baskets on one shelf...one rubbermaid drawer for shirts, one for shells and one for pjs...hang sweaters amd uniforms...or use another rubbermaid drawer set and put panyies in one, tights in another etc...
If I cant put it side by side under the kids clothes in closer, I put them one on top of another in their room...it doesnt take up alpt of apace at all...and kids can get their own clothes...
Hope this helps...
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Post  Fri, Dec 30 2016, 2:00 pm
I don't have room for more closets to keep things on hangers. Very limited narrow closet space and I already have a hard time stuffing in the dresses and skirts that need hanging.

I have separate baskets of panties, socks, tights in a drawer and they are always getting scrambled Sad Maybe I need deeper drawers with deeper baskets to keep them contained... but then I'd need to buy a new chest of drawers and that limits its functionality to drawers. Another unit of drawers and shelves would be too expensive, and anyway those drawers don't pull out far enough.

OK so my new 11" cube bins (I fit four in DH's bookshelf by consolidating his stuff on higher shelves) one is labeled for pajamas and now I need to fill it, and then we can see how that works out Smile And one is for skirts that don't need hanging, because that's what's not fitting in my current drawers.

I'm going to try moving some non-school clothes to a bin under my bed. I got rid of a lot of extra/outgrown stuff a few months ago so now there's more room down there, I think. My kids just like their selection and I'm afraid they'll have me digging under the bed every Sunday. But it's worth a try. I know what their favorites are to keep out. Hopefully that will help.
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Post  Fri, Dec 30 2016, 2:03 pm
I'd rather invest in a hanging closet unit than more shelving units. Takes up similar amount of space and you get hanging space plus shelving space and everything stays neat. (And the doors close.)
I'd even put in a second lower rod so that there is double amount for space for shirts and skirts (no room for adult long dresses but that's OK and can go in another closet) and the items are the lower rod are reachable by the little ones.
Whenever I've been forced to fold clothes that I usually hang it's been a disaster with keeping the piles neat as clothing choices are made each day.
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Post  Fri, Dec 30 2016, 2:08 pm

Picture resized
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Post  Fri, Dec 30 2016, 2:09 pm
Picture resized

Picture resized
Picture resized

I only have boys but I will explain my pictures.

Most of their clothes is in the large armoire. Top shelf is the baby's. Two stacks of tee shirts and leggings/ sweatpants. small container of socks. Stack of undershirts.

Middle shelf-

Stack of shirts for son 1
Stack of shirts for son 2
Container of socks

Bottom shelf-

Stack of shirts for son 1
Stack of shirts for son 2
Stack of yarmulkes

2 small drawers:

Undetwear and Tzitzis for each child.

Large drawer:

Pajamas for two big boys

I have another small cabinet that has shabbos clothes on one shelf.

Baby's pajamas and clothing for next season on the other shelf.

Sweatshirts, jackets, puffer vests get hung in the corner of boy husbands closets.

Everything stays perfectly organized except for a few weeks between seasons.

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Post  Fri, Dec 30 2016, 2:10 pm
My kids didn't have closets. Everything was folded into drawers which were divided into compartments by the judicious use of every type of box I could get my hands on, from kiddie shoe boxes to tissue boxes to shipping cartons that I cut down to size . At the time I didn't know about Marie Kondo's vertical filing system for folded items. That's because at the time Marie Kondo was in kindergarten. I would have used her system in a heartbeat, as I do now for my own garb.

When the kids got bigger and needed hanging space, we acquired an adjustable rack of the sort used to display clothes in stores. As the kids grew we adjusted the height of the rack to accommodate their longer clothes.
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Post  Fri, Dec 30 2016, 2:12 pm
I guess I am the only one with dressers? Each DS has one with different drawers for different items. Top is pjs and under garments, then shirts long and short sleeve, sweaters and sweatshirts and pants etc. The bottom is clothes that are not for the current season like shorts or bathing suits.
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Post  Fri, Dec 30 2016, 2:32 pm
For those with drawers, how do they not get messy when your kid decides they don't like what's on top?

For those with shelves, do the stacks of shirts not topple over when your kid wants something from the middle?

I'm not convinced that hanging/closets takes up less space than drawers/shelves/cubes. The hangers alone make each item take up more space than when it's folded flat, even though I have the skinny hangers. And their hanging rod is not a paragon of neatness, either - possibly becuase it's squishy in there but when they pull out one thing they often knock down another or something else slides off its hanger... when they need to put something back they don't do it nicely either...

Should I just expect that with a 4-year-old in the house, the wardrobe will be high maintenance?
Though to be fair my 4-year-old has a fastidious personality so she's no worse at this than the 6-year-old. And it's entirely possible that DH and I contribute to the problem as well.
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Post  Fri, Dec 30 2016, 2:38 pm
I have one big built in closets with shelves. Top one is boys pjs and girls uniforms- one pile has sweaters and one uniform shirts. Next shelf has 3 nice big bins from Target/ one has boy socks, boy underwear, girl socks. Next shelf has big nice bin for tights and piles of girl tops- I only have that seasons clothes in my closet... In the hanging closet are all skirts and dresses and unifirms. In my armoir drawers are girls pjs, sleep socks, and girls pjs... Babys clothes are in the armoir. I go through the closets monthly to make sure it's updated and stays neat.
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Post  Fri, Dec 30 2016, 3:07 pm
I'm embarrassed to say, I have such messy closets compared to u people. I leave stuff on a table in the laundry room and it's a huge pile of a mess. I'm terribly disorganized and I get depressed if I think about too much and now I'm motivated when I see this.

This is nice to see. I wonder if ds would keep his stuff neat if I put it away every week. Maybe. Who knows.

Seeker I have no advice, I'm here to learn.
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Post  Fri, Dec 30 2016, 3:24 pm
Yeah if I had a laundry room table all my clothes would be there. Not having one partly motivates me to put away the laundry, and partly results in sharing my bed with piles of to-be-sorted Embarassed
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Post  Sat, Dec 31 2016, 2:27 pm
zaq wrote:
At the time I didn't know about Marie Kondo's vertical filing system for folded items. That's because at the time Marie Kondo was in kindergarten. I would have used her system in a heartbeat, as I do now for my own garb.

Okay, so of course I needed to Google and OMG you just changed my life! Seeker, try this!!
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Post  Sat, Dec 31 2016, 6:20 pm
I am not a very organized person. On top of that we live in a small Israeli apartment and have a major shortage of drawers, instead we have mostly shelf space. Not to mention I hate folding clothes, I find it about as useful as making my bed (guess how often I do that). So what I figured that works for us is bins. All my children and I have bins that fit our closet shelves (dh does fold, and successfully pile, his own clothes in his closet. But for the rest of us, we have two bins per shelf). There's one for pjs, one for school clothes, one for skirts, one for non-school clothes, etc. My older ones also have a narrow set of plastic drawers on wheels, with one drawer for socks, another for underwear, another for tights, etc. This system also makes it realistic for them to successfully sort their own laundry from a relatively young age.
My own space is so limited so I just have a bin for tops, a bin for bottoms, half a small hanging section for skirts/dresses, and a set of stackable bins that I can fit four of onto one closet shelf, with one each for my underwear, bras, tights, and socks.
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Post  Sat, Dec 31 2016, 8:22 pm
Amother silver,
If you're leaving stuff on a table in the laundry room then this system might be a bit much to tackle all at once. I'd suggest buying a few baskets and labeling them by type of garment or by name of child. The. When you take things out of the dryer yiu can throw them into the right basket. This way the stuff is demon organized and easy to locate instead of one big pile.
When you're ready t move past this stage you can take it one step further and fold and out away. But at least try this to get yiu started.
Good luck!
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Post  Sat, Dec 31 2016, 11:45 pm
In my boys room I have shelves on one side, and hanging on the other. Have 3 boys in that room. Each boy has one shelf and the other shelves are for tzitzis and kippahs and for storage.

Each boys shelf has a pile of pj's a pile of pants and a pile of tops. In front of those 3 piles I have 3 mini rectangular containers (found them in grocery at food containers aisle) one for undershirts, one for panties, and one for socks. The shirts and suits go on the hanging.

Dd's room is a tiny room with a tiny closet but she has so so many stuff (spoiled only girl!). The 2 shelfs on top of the hanging are for all her stuff. The hanging is for all skirts, dresses and shirts. In the side of that, I put plastic drawers where she keeps all tops, underwear, tights and one smaller sized drawer for all her hair accesories.

The baby's stuff are in a drawer in my room.
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Post  Sun, Jan 01 2017, 12:17 am
You can create a new closet from the 40" and the 36" wall using closet wire shelf, one for each of your girls.
You can get them custom cut to fit your size.
They even sell dividers, drawers, etc.
Google search images of closet wire shelf to get ideas.
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Post  Sun, Jan 01 2017, 3:15 am
My experience comes from being a dorm mom to 10 boys 9-13
with very little space....

First of all I would make sure everything you have you actually use (summer clothes, to small, to big, never use stuff goes to storage).

I would build shelves to the ceiling on top of the dresser - so you have more shelf space and still keep the drawers for the dresser.

I like having individual storage boxes for underwear/ tights/ leggings in drawers like these so there is no room for them to be jumbled - each one has its place.

I feel like the ones made for bras can be used for headbands
school shirts should be in a seperate deep box with a coverlike this https://www.aliexpress.com/ite.....anier-Set/
They only need to take out the top one

Same for shells. Seperate and label them by color in boxes.

same for uniform skirts - they need to take the top one

same for undershirts

same for pj's - no picking just the top one

For the sweaters, skirts, and shirts; Step 1 is making sure you don't have extras. Step 2 is a rule that you pick clothing out the night before with mommy. Step 3 is folding the pile in a what is worn most order. Step 4 is keepin the piles on a shelf in the closet and not in a deep drawers so that you can see where everything is on the pile.

Shoes and headbands in a shoe rack

I have the kids but dirty laundry in rubbermaid bins under the bed - each kid has a dark, light, and whites bin, and a mesh bag for socks and underwear. When I do the laundry I take the bins withe me and give them back to them folded in the bins and we work to gether to put everything in the right place. I do it individually so its fun quality time not a chore. Once I got the kids involved in keeping the place neat the did a better job at it.

I also installed shelves and cork boards above the beds of each kid for the personal stuff and PAPERS that tend to fly all over the place. I added a mason jar on the wall next to the cork boards for markers and stuff and a picture board so they stop sticking things on the walls, but my boy are older....
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