Organizing, continued: the RANDOMNESS!
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Post  Sun, Jan 08 2017, 3:23 pm
seeker wrote:
Anyway I think I can deal with the papers. Whatever can't be purged can be stacked into a rectangle and contained. It's more the random STUFF that I don't know what to do with.

Some things can be stored but they're very random shapes and sizes and I don't have space to waste on putting things into containers that are too big for them (batteries, lightbulbs, laminator, baby monitors, um stuff um...) and other things need to be regularly accessible (stationery supplies, Shabbos table items)

So let's break this down even further:
Organized people, let's see your pictures and descriptions of how you keep your stationery goods!
- pens
-hole punchers
-post-it notes
-index cards
- stamps
- sharpeners
- stapler
- staples
- paper clips
- all that stuff.
Bring it on! Inspire me!
Must be space-efficient.

(on a related note - arts n crafts supplies. All of the above PLUS pompoms, pipe cleaners, beads, paints, glue gun, extra sticks for glue gun, stuff, other stuff, popsicle sticks, stuff.)


I saw this organizer in some local stores like Organicer and Cohens Hardware on 13 and 52. It does cost a bit more, though. More like $23.
Just make sure that the lid tilts all the way back till it rests on the table. If it doesn't, it'll tip when you leave it open. The company Iris makes it well.
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Post  Sun, Jan 08 2017, 3:33 pm
Here are some links.

I got them in pink. And used this small one upside down. The bottom shelf is used to keep dds crocs amd cozy slippers.

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Post  Mon, Jan 09 2017, 12:06 am
My best friend is an amazing organizer. This is her kitchen pen shelf
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Post  Mon, Jan 09 2017, 1:33 am
Are you a DIY er?
I would do something like this
just with a lot more jars and out of a pallet shelf.

You can make a pallet shelf by just nailing pieces of pallet to the bottom of three raised peices on the underside.

Like this - but using the full pallet
Stain the pallets with vinager and wool

Use hose clamps -( http://www.homedepot.com/p/Eve...../202309385) to attach mason jars to the pallet - you should be able to fit 2 rows of 5 jars (one above the middle shelf and one bellow)....

The whole thing should cost you 10$ for the mason jars (https://www.walmart.com/ip/Kerr-Wide-Mouth-Jars-12pk/16213405) and about 12$ for the clamps= 22$ and about 20$ for the containers if you don't already have some.You can also cover shoeboxes in contact paper and use cardboard to cut dividers if you really want to be cheap - heres a link of how to do that (its a lot easier on the shoebox scale) http://thehomesihavemade.com/2.....-youve-go/

Fill the mason jars with the big bulky stuff -one for scissors/rulers, one for pens, one for markers, one for highlighters, on for staplers/holepuncher, one for pom poms, on for popsicle sticks, one for index cards, one for post it notes, one for glue, one for tape
uy some small plastic containers for all the small stuff that doesn't fit and but those on the shelves.
The random stuff that dosen't fit into containers or mason jars can also go on the shelves - becasue the are deep it still looks organized
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