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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 12:03 pm
How do you all manage taking children to therapy during the workday? How do you juggle managing everything while still holding down a job?

My child was just diagnosed with ASD. There are several resources available, but it sounds like everything takes place during the workday. Weekly therapies, ABA services, parent-training, workshops...Nothing in my community is available after work hours. The providers told me that I will need to take time off (of course after the several month wait for services). There are some great workshops offered, but I will need to take off a full week of work to take advantage!

BTW - I live in a Republican state with fewer resources than NJ and NY, so I cannot get these in my kid's preschool. I will need to be available myself each time.

My other frustration is that there is such a LOOONG wait for everything. I suspected issues over a year ago, but there was such a long wait for the developmental pediatrician, that we only just received the diagnosis since we had to wait for an appointment. Now it seems like I cannot start services for about another 8 months (with the providers that even have space on their waiting lists, most are completely full)

ARRGH! Vent!
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 1:24 pm
Yup, it's like having a second job. I wish I knew what to tell you. I don't think there are any good answers to this one Sad Is your job worth enough to have a nanny shuttle your child between therapies? Who currently cares for your child while you're at work? Taking a workshop or two here and there shouldn't be as impossible as the regular services, plus you can probably learn a lot from people helping your child that you don't necessarily need an all-day workshop to teach you.
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Post  Thu, Jan 12 2017, 12:40 pm
I just want to sympathize with you! It's hard.

My suggestion for getting into specialists: Daven. Daven. and Daven.

No problem is too big for Hashem-- He can get you into a top specialist tomorrow!

I had an evaluation for my son a few years ago. At the begining of this school year, things were really spiraling, and I felt he needed a new eval, with a new provider. I called a recommended neuropsych, expecting a 4-6 month wait. Hashem sent me exactly what I needed. They had a cancellation for the following morning!

Another time, I called a specific office for a first time consult with a pediatric psychiatrist. The receptionist gave me a whole long story about how this dr. isnt' taking new patients, blah blah blah....I said, "Oh, Dr. X told me that she would be a good fit for my son." I don't know what made me say that, but she got all flustered and directed my to the psychiatrists direct voice mail. I still had to wait an for an appointment, but it was only a few weeks.

Besides davening: your hishtadlus includes calling offices regularly to see if they have cancellation and being extremely nice and pleasant to the secretaries. Send them thank you notes whenever possible, etc...

your other hishtadlus includes networking. For example, my husband works in genteel, white collared profession where all the guys play golf on the weekends when its nice. So they have a lot of contacts in the professional crowds in our city. So my husband discreetly asked around at the water cooler--- "anyone have a connection with Dr X?" He found one, and it turns out that one of his co-workers is old friends with Dr. X. I just dropped Dr. X's name when calling (above story) and was able to get in....

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