KosherKwizz new, puzzle & win magazine for the whole family

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Post  Sun, Mar 05 2017, 9:33 am

Welcome to KosherKwizz!

The only Jewish Family Puzzle Magazine on the market.

We are a new,
Full color,
Puzzle & Win magazine
For the whole family.

More than 30 different types of puzzles

Over 120 valuable prizes

Puzzle fun for all ages

Now in the stores

Treat yourself or someone dear to a year
full of relaxing moments.
Parents, grandparents, children,
grandchildren, friends, neighbors,
a person in an old age home, a girl in seminary,
A person in hospital r’’l. a young mother on bedrest, etc...

They will be thanking you again and again and again!

Some of the comments we received by mail from Brooklyn to Belgium, from Lakewood to London, from Montreal to Manchester,…:

"I must compliment you, for the amazing publication which you have put out -we look forward to the next- it really gives us some family bonding/ thinking time"

"I spent 4 hours doing issue 2, didn't know my concentration span was so long!!! Can you send me puzzles by email or where can I buy it?"

"I have recommended your magazine to others… :.)"

"Love it!"

"Just to say thanks for the beautiful watch I got last week! It’s a real treat for me as these things are not in my budget…. I love it!"

"Thanks for the great magazine!!! I loved the puzzles."

"Thanks for trying to fill a niche in the market"

"I loved your magazine."

"Just a note to say I LOVED your kosherkwizz puzzle book. Keep them coming and thank you. It's about time there is something kosher on the market. Wishing you loads of hatzlocho!"

"Hi and thanks for the amazing magazine – I am loving it!"

"we have now received the jigsaw globe and my children are delighted!"

"Thanks again and looking forward to the next issue – and to winning lots of great prizes!"

"I have finally purchased the KosherKwizz and I really enjoy it. When will subscriptions be available?"


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Post  Mon, Mar 06 2017, 2:15 am
This looks really interesting. Has anyone bought this and enjoyed it? If I saw it at the supermarket I would buy it, but sight unseen I wouldn't without recommendations.
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Post  Mon, Mar 06 2017, 12:51 pm
Where are you from?
KosherKwizz is in the stores in the USA, Canada, Jerusalem and the UK...
Please let me know if you cannot find it so we can contact our distributor.

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Post  Mon, Mar 06 2017, 2:54 pm
I'd also buy it but never saw it before. I live in Detroit... Is it coming here any time soon???
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Post  Mon, Mar 06 2017, 3:05 pm
What stores in Lakewood carry it?
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Post  Mon, Mar 06 2017, 6:05 pm
We’re happy to see that there is a lot of interest in KosherKwizz.
We have made an option on our site to buy a trial issue so everyone, wherever you live can buy just one copy before subscribing for a full year of fun and who knows, maybe even be one of our lucky winners!

Distribution in the USA (NY/NJ area) is a sour point...it is very hard to get a new magazine into the stores.
According to our distributor it is sold in all mayor stores and newsstands.
Please ask your shopkeeper for KosherKwizz if you cannot find it as this might give them the extra push to start selling it as this is a completely different type of magazine.

We have received solutions and a lot of (we can even say ONLY) positive feedback from Jerusalem, from Lakewood to London, from Belgium to Boro Park, from Montreal to Manchester,
From kids to older people there’s something for everyone to enjoy…

We are looking forward to read all your comments and suggestions as this magazine was made for you so we really want to hear your thoughts!
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