Is this normal? Pubic Hair in a 7-year-old girl
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Post  Mon, May 01 2017, 9:21 pm
sadly I don't think pediatricians are always as careful as they should be. the ped who asked if the poster's daughter had been eating more soy?? there is no hard evidence that soy (especially whole soy, the type most likely to be eaten) causes early puberty. in fact, the bigger problem is likely endocrine disrupting chemicals that are present in plastics and other materials, and high antibiotic use in the dairy and meat industries. added to the fact that we are naturally eating a much richer diet than in centuries past, and there are a lot of very concerning signs that early puberty is on the rise.

if your ped is not concerned, I'd push for a specialist consult.

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Post  Mon, May 01 2017, 9:38 pm
To make you feel better, I'll tell you DD's story. of course each case is individual. She started getting pubic hair at about 6!! then at 7 she started developing but only side. We were very very concerned. I went to a ped endocrinologist and bone age tests, blood tests for testing for early puberty. (She was always tall and broad)

It was very strange, she got more hair and developed more on that side, but the blood test/bone age were correct for her age. The breast ended up being enlarged lymph (they were afraid of tumors)

She got her period at 12.5 and grew to 5'4" (my height). The breasts evened out to a normal size. She's 16 now.

I see with all my girls (4 have period already) They have a growth spurt right before puberty but continue growing after. the growth spurt was the surest sign of the period, more than developing.
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Post  Wed, Jun 03 2020, 6:22 pm
Bumping this up.

My 9 year old DD has been complaining that her chest is aching and it looks like she is starting to grow there, but only slightly.
She showed me today that she has light blonde pubic hairs - they're very fine and almost like arm hair.

Does this mean she might get her period soon?
She is only 9 and definitely not tall enough to stop growing.
Should I take her to an endocrinologist?
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