Partial potty training?

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Post  Thu, Sep 14 2017, 7:05 pm
My son is 3. we've been training for about three weeks now. He usually makes a tiny bit, then realizes he need the bathroom and finishes there. We end up changing him 15 times a day. With number 2, the first few days he went in the toilet without a problem, and then he decided he prefers it in his underwear because "it is squishy." eew. So since then he has made number two in his pants every day. In school the policy is that wet accidents are no problem, but if a kid is having dirty accidents, they can't come to school. So I told my son that and he saves bowel movements for home. The first week of school he came back with a bag of wet clothing every day. Today he came back clean for the first time! The second he comes in the door (about 2:30) he begs me to put him in a diaper because he doesn't want to have to think about the toilet. He seems like it stresses him out, and although he can control it with a lot of effort, he just wants to relax after school and use a diaper. He comes home very tired...is it confusing to half-train a kid and allow him to take it easy after school? The last few days I let him wear a diaper after school, and sure enough he made number in it. He has some sensory issues, so I am wondering if the training issues are related to that.
So whaddaya'll think?
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Post  Thu, Sep 14 2017, 7:29 pm
Of course he's stressed out he's been holding it in all day! You don't want it to get to the point where he hold it in so much he gets constipated. That happened to my daughter and she needed to be treated by a GI before we could get to the root of the problem. She also insisted on using a diaper just for that. Ended up taking her to a child psychologist who gave me some great strategies that really helped her.
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